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10 Beauty Tips for Your Trips


Whatever your means of transportation when traveling, by plane, train, bus or car, traveling can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. That’s why we want to give you a series of beauty tips for traveling and that you look divine during your travels.

You already know that stress can bring you skin and hair problems, and the days before a trip can be very stressful. In addition, if you travel by plane the thing is complicated, due to the restrictions of liquids and space, so you cannot take all your favorite beauty products.

Whether you prepare an escape for friends or as a couple, or a long or brief vacation, these suggestions will certainly aid you maintain your skin, hair and also look in the best form, which will make you feel far better.

The Best Beauty Tips for Traveling

1. – Bags for liquids on the plane

If you travel by plane with carry-on luggage, the issue of grooming becomes more complicated. All that is liquid you have to carry them together in a transparent bag with zip closure up to 20 cm x 20 cm. In addition, each container cannot exceed 100 ml and the total capacity does not have to be greater than 1 liter. The best thing you can do is buy empty reusable boats to fill them with your usual products.

Zip bags can be purchased at any supermarket, in the section where they sell freezer and food storage bags. On the packaging it specifically states that they are valid for carrying on the plane.

Carrying liquids inside these bags will protect the rest of your luggage from possible accidental spills of the products, due to the pressure of the plane. These zippered bags are very practical even when you do not travel by plane, since they do not take up space and allow you to also store small hair accessories such as hairpins or hair bands, cotton make-up remover, etc.

2. – How to make your travel bag

One of our best beauty tips for traveling is that you keep all the free samples given to you in beauty stores like Sephora to take them on your trips, both cosmetics and perfume. That will not have to carry a lot of weight and do not exceed the maximum size allowed, if you travel only with hand luggage.

It carries multipurpose products, for example, lip and cheek inks. They are products that give your lips a natural and lasting touch and also serve to give color to your cheeks. Benefit the benefit is one of them and also this product has become the object of cult of the brand.

You can use a sunscreen powder that is ideal for oily skin, as it provides sun protection and color to the face. The Xpert Sun Perfection of Singuladerm perfectly fulfills this task, since it has a SPF-50 sun protection factor.

If you normally use eye shadows and don’t want to give up on them, wear a travel-sized palette of shadows like Nyx’s Full Throttle Shadow Palette that has 4 colors, all of them neutral tones, for a natural look.

Forget about long-lasting lipsticks while traveling, as they will only dehydrate your lips and appear cracked. Take advantage of the trip to use a lip balm like Carmex, you will reach your destination with soft and hydrated lips.

Lip balm is another one of those off-road products. In addition to its usual use, you can use it to keep the eyebrows at bay, to illuminate the cheekbones, to combat the frizz of the hair, acting as a hair serum or as a hand cream if you have finished the one you use.

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Take your usual make-up remover while traveling, since a change can alter the skin’s balance and suffer an allergic outbreak or redness, which you will not want on your vacation. And if you have ever used makeup remover wipes, use them during the trip since this is a less liquid to count on.

3. – Use your fingers

To minimize the number of beauty products, you can leave makeup brushes and brushes at home and use your fingers to apply the foundation, blush, concealer and eye shadow.

If you cannot do without brushes and brushes you can take a brush that is retractable and has a cover to protect it. Or use a travel set like the Ecotools 4-Brush set that has a smaller size and comes with a toiletry bag to protect them, ideal for travel.

4. – Wet wipes

Take wet wipes with you to cool off, to clean your hands or to clean the plane’s seat tray. A plane is one of the dirtiest places you can find. The toilet of the plane may be cleaner than the tray where you are going to eat. Since the WC is cleaned every time they arrive at a destination and the rest of the plane is cleaned very occasionally.

5. – Nails

On long-term trips forget about the nail polish of intense colors. It is very easy to suffer a breakage of the enamel. The most practical is to polish the nails to get their natural shine or apply a polish of a neutral color or a natural shine that will not attract attention if it breaks.

6. – On the plane

The atmosphere of an airplane is one of the worst for your skin and hair. We already talked about this topic in an article in which we gave a few tricks to take care of you when you travel by plane. So if you haven’t read it, it’s still a good time to do it.

During the plane trip we are exposed to greater solar radiation, so it is good to consume foods high in antioxidants. Ask for green tea during the flight instead of a soda. And take snacks with vitamin A, C and E.

7. – Refresh your look

If your means of transportation is the car, you may carry a fridge bag with ice to keep drinks or something cold to eat. If you are prone to swollen eyes during travel, take a spoon inside the fridge bag. When you notice the swollen eyes, pass the rounded side of the spoon through the eyes that will refresh them and even deflate. You can also do it on the rest of the face.

If you want something more effective, instead of the spoon put in the fridge bag an eye contour cream with metallic applicator, such as Pigmentaclar Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle La Roche Posay.

8. – Sleep at least 7 hours

You already know that sleeping well, between 7 or 8 hours, is essential so that your beauty is not affected. If you travel by plane for many hours, try to sleep to reach your destination in the best conditions.

If you have to adapt to a new time zone, try to stay awake all day until bedtime arrives at that place. And sleep at least 7 hours to adapt to the schedule as quickly as possible.

9. – Rent a bike

In Europe there are many cities ideal for cycling, and not only there. There are many places in the world where you can rent a bicycle. It is a great way to visit a place, since this way you cover much more in your journey in less time, while you exercise. It is a fun way to keep fit during your trip. In the tourist offices they usually have maps with tours or excursions by bicycle, ask for one and go pedaling!

10. – Explore your destination on foot

The best way to know a place is to walk it. This way you will perform some exercise, while discovering places that you would not otherwise access. Plan your tour with a map and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and sensations that place gives you.

And do you have any beauty tricks for your trips? We would like to meet you, so we would be happy to leave you in the comments.



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