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Quotes about Entrepreneurship and Motivation for Successful Entrepreneurs


Big dates can become a great motivation and inspiration for those who want to lead the life of the entrepreneur, where there are many obstacles and the will can gradually become extinct if the results are not seen as quickly as desired. In this post, we bring you some phrases about entrepreneurship and motivation for successful entrepreneurs.

Motivational phrases about entrepreneurship

The phrases that we are going to show you next talk about the needs that successful people have of being tenacious in order to reach high and achieve all their goals, but they can also be of great help in those moments where you begin to lose your way and you lose all the fun and benefits of being your own boss.

Take note of the ones you like most or stick to your particular case and repeat them as much as necessary.

Going together is the beginning, staying together is part of progress and working together for the common good is the best way to succeed, so it is important to know who you have with you. – Henry Ford.

The great things start being nothing. – Ben Wissensstein.

It is not necessary to have a large company and more than 100 workers to be able to develop an idea as long as it is good. – Larry Page.

I will tell you the best way to be rich, close all your doors and windows, become fearful instead of greedy like others, and be greedy when others feel fear. – Warren Buffet

It is good to celebrate success, but the really important thing is to pay attention to the lessons that failures give. – Bill Gates.

A business that only fulfills the function of giving money is a poor business. – Henry Ford.

I have never failed, I have simply found thousands of ways in which this could not work. – Thomas Edison.

Tell as many as you can what you want to do, you will see how some will want to help you get it. – W. Clement Stone

A person with new ideas will always be branded crazy until the moment he succeeds. – Mark Twain.

Entrepreneurs must be those who seek change, respond to it and use all the opportunities that arise. – Peter Drucker

Take the first steps with a lot of confidence, you don’t need to see the whole ladder from the beginning, you just have to start. – Martin Luther King

I honestly believe that it is often better to fail at something you really love to succeed at something you hate. – George Burns.

Why is motivation important for an entrepreneur?

Motivation is the fuel that moves all entrepreneurs, so it is necessary that you know how to identify the right sources so that you can achieve business success. You must have a clear objective in this world, you have to know exactly where you are going, in order to reach a goal and draw a route that takes you very high.

The beginning of one year and the end of another is always a perfect time to take stock of how it went along; reviewing all the triumphs and failures you had, as well as the strategies you used to get out of the difficulties.

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There are many reasons why motivation is a very important factor in an entrepreneur; it turns out to be a tool of great help in the most difficult moments of this long road.

Put passion before theory

Although many portals say otherwise when you undertake you only have a strong desire to succeed and a lot of economic stability, before reaching the plans to achieve it you should feel great emotion and passion for everything you imagine. That is going to be the main engine that drives you to follow the right steps.

Express your wishes and objectives

When imagining and starting to create your business, it is normal for you to spend a large part of your days planning all the details, you should not save these feelings of happiness just for yourself, share it with your loved ones, who you know will support you, but with caution, the idea is that they help you to follow and motivate you, not quite the opposite.

Getting a source of motivation can sometimes seem complicated or impossible, especially at times when we are doing worse, but you just have to breathe, look for good energy on the internet and move on.



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