Ride with the Wind and Feel the Freedom of A Scooter Ride All Over Again.


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These are the scooters you have been waiting for. An excellent, smooth, and quiet ride through the park, to school, or just around the neighborhood. You will enjoy the ride as so many millions of riders have before you. They really are nice, you will see the first time you go for a spin on one. Then you’ll know what all other scooter riders know. they are fun.

Not just only fun but able to transport you in a gentle pollutant free carrier that maintains an even speed and can stop on a dime. I’m sure you have seen others wheeling and gliding along on these cool wheels. Well there are just that many more who have come to the realization that these are not toys or just for children. Many and I say many adult use this form of transportation to arrive at their office on time without spending a dime for gasoline, for parking, or sitting on the freeway, parked in traffic. Yes many adult human beings do it the smart way by riding their scooter to the public transportation system, whether it be bus or train or streetcar, they simply fold up their scooter, ride to work and either walk or “scoot” to work. The fold-up and carry ability of the sturdy yet lightweight transporter makes this a very versatile carrier you will grow to love.

Motor Scooter Sales

Motor scooters are motorcycles with step-through architecture and either a platform for the operator’s feet or footrests integral with the bodywork. Elements of scooter design have been noted in some of the earliest motorcycles, and motorcycles identifiable as scooters have been made from 1914 or earlier. Regional developments were made in Europe and the United States between the World Wars.

The global popularity of scooters dates from the post-World War II introductions of the Vespa and the Lambretta. Economic and political factors, including competition from other vehicles, have shaped the evolution of scooters and have caused the development of different variations of the scooter.

Scooter Selection specializes in all types of the brand new mini gas powered pocketbikes, superbikes, electric and gas powered scooters. We have the newest electric scooters with seats and without seats. We have the Pocketbike 2G with full fairing design and Superbikes with headlights. Lowest Prices guaranteed on a wide selection of Gas and electric Powered motorized scooters and 47cc and 49cc pocketbikes.

Widest Selection: We carry a wide selection of Pocket Bikes, stand up Scooters, Mini Dirt Bikes, and Mini Choppers, Stand up and sit down electric scooters for all your transportation and racing needs. Whether you need a ride to school on a stand up gas powered motor scooter or a ride to work on a sit down electric powered motor scooter, or a ride around the track on one of our sleek super bikes or a cuise around the block on a popular 49cc Rider Chopper, we have gas or electric scooters to fit your needs and your budget.

Off Road Dirt Bikes are here! We have the newest Off Road trail bikes for any mountain or dirt track racing. These bikes are getting high praise from all trail bike enthusiasts. Our Dirt bikes are rugged and built for the trail so get yours today and don’t let anything get in your way. Trail bike racing is very popular. You’ve seen motocross racing on television and now you can be a part of the dirt bike generation. Dirt Bikes are fast and the suspension takes all the bumps out of the dirt track. Headlights show you where you are going and the throttle will rock your world. Mini Dirt Bikes are a great way to get into the sport of racing dirt bikes. You can ride all over the forest with these high performance mini dirt bikes. Every one of the bikes we sell receives high praise from the buyer. Many of our customers return to buy more dirt bikes when they can’t share the Mini dirt bike they already bought. Treat yourself and your kids to a good way to get outdoors and be healthy. On a mini dirt bike there will be no boring moments.

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High Standards: These mini gas motorcycles and stand up electric powered scooters are manufactured by our partners to meet our exacting quality requirements. The superbike’s components are designed with your comfort in mind and with good maintenance of your pocketbikes and superbikes you can expect years of performance from all our scooters. Our electric scooters like the 280 Watt Cruizer are very popular with students looking for an easy and safe way to get to school and with adults who want to keep their mobility and have fun getting around the neighborhood.

Minimal Assembly: There is minimal assembly required to get the superbikes or pocketbikes on the road as they are shipped in a semi-folded state to protect them from damage. Our gas powered motor scooters and pocket bikes and super bikes all use a mixture of unleaded gas and 2-stroke oil. Mix the fuel and oil in the convenient mixing container so you get the exact fuel to oil ratio of 25:1. Our Superbike Ninja comes equipped with push button starting and speedometers as well as other excellent features. The Cruizer 280 Watt electric scooter we offer has a powerful rechargeable engines that only need a few hours of charging before you can ride all day.

Biggest Thrills: If you want the most power and thrills then gas powered Pocket Bikes or Scooters are your best choice. We are your one stop shopping marketplace for the latest models with the latest features all for the guaranteed lowest prices.

Popular: Pocketbikes and Superbikes have grown in popularity since their invention forty years ago. Consumers like the convenience of a small bike that will fit in a car and gets good gas mileage. If you’ve ever tried to work on a full sized motorcycle you know that a 550cc or 750cc engine is just too large and complicated to understand. That isn’t the case with Pocketbikes and superbikes. The smaller 47cc and 49cc mini bikes are easily fixed with simple tools. What a great way to learn about internal combustion engines. These pocketbikes and gas powered scooters are much better to work on than a lawnmower or something that doesn’t provide any kind of opportunity for entertainment when it is working. Gas Powered mopeds are a popular mode of transportation around the world because they are small and fast and get good gas mileage. Now America is learning of the benefits of gas powered scooters.

Our Cleanest Quietest Model: The Cruizer 280 Watt Electric Motor Scooter is our Finest and most affordable Scooter. This rechargeable 280 Watt Electric powered Scooter has everything you need to be first at the finish line and always be on time for class. The sleek aerodynamic modeling and high performance engine are made from the highest quality components available. The electric Cruizer 280 Watt Scooter is a perfect machine to get around the neighborhood. Because of their light weight the 280 Watt Electric Powered Scooter can easily take you where you want to go up hills or on the road safely. That is why the Scooter is so popular. You get all the speed of a gas powered scooter with the quiet clean operation of an electric scooter. Fly down the road on a Scooter today.

Pocketbike Racing: Racing Tracks have opened their doors to Pocketbikes and Supercharged Superbikes. This is because the thrills and spills of racing a motorcycle so close to the ground can’t be beat. Your heart will be racing as fast as a Pocketbike motor when you take to The track on one of these high performance racing style superbikes.


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