3 Strategies To Generate More Real Estate Leads Through Social Media


Marketing is the heart and soul of success in the real estate industry, no matter where you’re at or what kinds of properties you make your niche. Agents and brokers alike succeed on the strength of their marketing efforts, developing complex and multifaceted strategies for bringing in leads and connecting prospective customers with the appropriate resources for their current role in the market. For most contemporary markets, this means a robust social media strategy supported by ad and content-driven campaigns for specific conversion goals. If you’re new to the process, here are three great strategies to turn your real estate social media posts into lead generation machines.

1. App Download Drives

If you’ve built a robust app to support your business, you can use social media sites like Facebook to connect customers to the download page. Once the app is on a mobile device, you’ve connected a prospective client to easy listing searches and direct contact information. There’s no better lead incubator you can build on today’s internet, but only if you can get people to download the app. Linking social media accounts to the app download and posting messages that can be shared linking the app to the needs of prospective clients can drive the right people into your communication funnel while connecting them to the resources they need.

2. Digital Brochures

Content is vital to your success on social media. You need to be able to provide information and resources to prospective clients and community members who could refer clients if you want the shares that expose your name and message to more people. It’s also easier to get people onto your app or email list once they know you’re going to be a good source of educational materials about the industry. Using a real estate brochure design that’s friendly to digital display means being able to use the same material online and offline. You can make it available in resource packages on your site, share it as a social media post, or include it in the next email to your list to stir up interest and highlight new listings.

3. Advertise Open Houses

The best way to streamline marketing efforts is to create content that works on many platforms as well as in print media. That means planning your open house announcements to easily convert to blog posts you can then link in social media posts and promote across your digital platforms. Including app notifications for those announcements that link to the page makes your funnel even more powerful, pushing prospective clients in the same direction no matter which marketing channel they’re currently in touch with. More people accessing your open house events means more eyes on the property, and that usually means a faster sale with more competition for the deal. All of that is great for you and for your sellers.

Remember Your Print Resources

Your social media engagement and digital lead generation will work best when they are fully integrated into your print marketing strategy. It’s as simple as a call to action that sends people to an app download page or social media account, to put people into contact with your regular messaging and other resources.


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