The 17 Most Beautiful Women of Today Who Are Stepping On the Heels of Jolie’s Generation


At the end of the year, different world editions usually publish the ranking of the most beautiful women in the world. The magazine for men Maxim, the website and the also publish their ratings. We decided not to stay out of this trend and developed our list of women, of which, in 20-30 years, they will speak as the most seductive beauties of our day.

TheForbiz invites you to take a look at the beautiful actresses, singers and models of 2019 that make up our list.

17. Jennifer Lawrence

Date of birth: August 15, 1990 (28 years).

Film critics consider Lawrence one of the most brilliant and important actresses of her generation. She is the winner of an Oscar and 3 Golden Globe awards. Her charming images on the red carpet awards and festivals never go unnoticed by spectators and fashion experts.

16. Chiara Ferragni

Date of birth: May 7, 1987 (32 years).

Chiara is a businesswoman, model, Italian blogger and one of the most famous representatives of the current fashion. It is considered an “influencer” in the field of trends, influencing both the fashion and the tastes and preferences of ordinary consumers. Today, the number of subscribers in Chiara’s Instagram reaches more than 17 million people.

15. Tanya Mityushina

Date of birth: February 19, 1993 (26 years).

Model Tanya Mityushina was born in Russia. It collaborates with brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Intimissimi, and appears on the covers of world-renowned magazines. Also, Tanya participated in films like Don Jon, the criminal thriller 10 Minutes Gone and The Raw. The IMDb website has included it in its ranking of the most seductive women of today.

14. Ariana Grande

Date of birth: June 26, 1993 (26 years).

The voice of the singer and actress Ariana Grande is compared to that of Whitney Houston. In 2018, Billboard magazine awarded her the title of “Woman of the Year.” Before her, this award had been given to Selena Gomez, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Well, his fourth place in the ranking of the 50 most popular accounts on Instagram speaks eloquently about the interest of the public in this fantastic girl.

13. Taylor Hill

Date of birth: March 5, 1996 (23 years).

Since April 2015, Taylor has been one of the “angels” of the Victoria’s Secret brands. At the same time, he received the prestigious Fashion Media Awards in the “Model of the Year” nomination. Today, it is the face of several major cosmetics factories and an active participant in the shows of such famous brands as Elie Saab, Thierry Mugler, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Ralph Lauren and many more.

12. Irina Shayk

Date of birth: January 6, 1986 (33 years).

Another beautiful native of Russia in our ranking. Currently, Irina, whose career started with a victory in the Russian beauty contest “Supermodel 2004”, is known all over the world. It appears on the covers of famous fashion magazines and is the face of great brands of cosmetics and fashion. The important portal included Irina in the new generation of iconic people in the modeling business.

11. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Date of birth: April 18, 1987 (31 years).

The British model and former “angel” of Victoria’s Secret is the face of the new Burberry fragrance and collaborates with the brand Marks & Spencer. Also, it was tested on the big screen, starring in the third part of the film Transformers: the dark side of the moon and in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury on the road.

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10. Megan Fox

Date of birth: May 16, 1986 (33 years).

The spectacular brunette with long hair is famous mainly for her film works in the Transformers and Transformers films: Revenge of the Fallen, Ninja Turtles, Passion Play and many more. The British men’s magazine Maxim has included it in its list of “Sirens of the screen – 2019”.

9. Bella Hadid

Date of birth: October 9, 1996 (22 years).

The professional American model of Palestinian origin is one of the most quoted and commented on the planet. She is the ambassador and the face of the fashion houses Dior and Bulgari, and a Victoria’s Secret model. It has innumerable covers of magazines and brilliant exits in the parades of the main fashion designers of the world.

8. Gigi Hadid

Date of birth: April 23, 1995 (24 years).

Supermodel, Bella’s older sister and also “angel” of the Victoria’s Secret brand. Number 1 in the choice of readers as the model of the year – 2019 on the website Together with her sister, she is included in the list of the 100 most beautiful women of 2018, according to Maxim magazine.

7. Scarlett Johansson

Date of birth: November 22, 1984 (34 years).

The blonde actress with sensual lips is often compared to Marilyn Monroe, and for good reason: there is a certain similarity between them. Fame reached him at the age of 19, when he appeared in the movie Lost in Tokyo, by Sofia Coppola. Today, Scarlett already has many notable roles and is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

6. Priyanka Chopra

Date of birth: July 18, 1982 (37 years).

This Indian actress won the Miss World title at 18 years old. She was one of the main movie stars of her country, but that was not enough for her, so she decided to conquer Hollywood. Priyanka began his career in that place playing an important role in the American television series Quantico (2015-2018). Then he performed in the reissue of Baywatch: Guardians of the Bay. Currently, Priyanka is one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood and adorns with her presence awards ceremonies and film festivals.

5. Kendall Jenner

Date of birth: November 3, 1995 (23 years).

Kendall is the best paid model in the world according to Forbes. During the year 2018, he managed to earn more than the Hadid sisters as a whole. It is one of the most requested, rich and favored by photographers. An interesting detail: the girl is the uterine sister of the famous Kim and Courtney Kardashian, since they all share the same mother.

4. Amber Heard

Date of birth: April 22, 1986 (33 years).

The actress is known for her roles in the films Never Surrender, Deadly Seduction and Diary of a Seducer, but also due to a short-term marriage and a scandalous divorce with Johnny Depp, and a romance with engineer and billionaire Elon Musk. In December 2018, the film directed by James Van, Aquaman, premiered, where the beauty of Hollywood appears playing one of the main roles.

3. Margot Robbie

Date of birth: July 2, 1990 (29 years).

World fame came to the Australian actress after playing the role of Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. To date, Margot has had more than 20 roles in movies and television series, and received an Oscar nomination for her role in the movie Yo, Tonya.

2. Tina Kunakey

Date of birth: April 5, 1997 (22 years).

The young model, wife of the French actor Vincent Cassel, participates in fashion shows of the collections of the world’s leading designers. Tina appeared in the music video “Belinda” by French singer Matt Pokora, and played a supporting role in a television series. The girl owes her exotic beauty to the genes: her mother is Italian and her father is African.

1. Kate Upton

Date of birth: June 10, 1992 (27 years).

Maxim magazine recognized the American actress and model as the most beautiful woman on the planet. The girl does not fit the traditional parameters of 90-60-90, however, she has become one of the most requested models of her generation, which indicates that the fashion world is also tired of the standards.

When we admire the soft femininity and the delicious beauty of Kate Upton, we join the opinion of the magazine and also place it in the first place of our rating.

How about you? Who do you think is the most beautiful woman of our day?


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