The Four Best Carpets with which you can decorate your house


With the arrival of the new season, it is time to renovate many aspects of our life, including the decoration of our house. We will have to include objects and materials that protect us of the cold or at least make it more bearable, such as carpets, which will isolate us from cold contact with the ground.

 In a nutshell, today we are going to talk about the four best carpets which you can decorate your house easily. You will get  most effective and best price ideal, since not only are they cleaned with greater ease, but also their fibers are more durable and therefore of high quality. So let’s gets started…

1. Acrylics

Acrylic rugs are very similar to wool rugs, but they are better resistant to dirt such as mold derived from moisture and mottling. In addition, they do not require constant maintenance, being therefore very easy to clean, and also tend to be less conducive to fading, even exposing them to the sun.

In the market you can find them with a variety of designs, patterns and shapes. With the passage of time, they wear out and have to be replaced.

2. Polypropylene

It is one of the fibers most used to make carpets. They usually offer high resistance to all kinds of problems, whether dirt, moisture, stains, caking or static electricity. They are very similar to those of wool also and although they are usually used in basements.

Today some models are so attractive that they can be installed perfectly at home. On the other hand, other qualities make it one of the easiest carpets to clean and maintain, since they do not discolor either.

3. Wool Rugs

Of which we have mentioned are the softest and most pleasant. So it is not surprising that they generally inhabit most homes, and is that, who will not like the soft touch of this material with your feet? They work as excellent insulators of both cold and heat. so it is not necessary to remove them from home in times of high temperatures.

 Another advantage is that despite the fact that the crushed or deformed, these fibers have great elasticity so they can recover the original shape without any problem.  Carpets are easier to clean because they prevent dirt from entering directly inside. It needs only a good broom and a vacuum cleaner to it clean.

4. Jute Rugs

The jute rugs are the best solution for decorating home for the advantages of the feeling of freshness and delicate color contrasts. It is natural appearance incorporates a simple and fresh touch to the decoration of the spaces. Jute is an herbaceous plant grown in Asia and also “jute” is the name of the golden fibers extracted from the plant, which are often used for mats, carpets and bag.

It is relatively soft and has a silky appearance. They are a practical solution for many rooms such as the dining room, youth bedrooms and entrances to the house, as they create a good background for the decoration with small rugs and to unify the eclectic combinations of the decoration.

 Round, square, rectangular, large or small jute rugs are usually available in natural-colored tones and also in dyed fibers, such as gray, brown or black. Plant fibers adapt to all styles and environments. The carpets made of natural fibers have many chances decorative as they are cool in summer and warm in winter. They retain their ability to surprise in any decorative scheme, both from an aesthetic and practical point of view.


When buying the right carpet for your home, you have to prefer the best quality. Although there are several materials such as Nylon, polyester, Viscose / Rayon, Woven vinyl, Bamboo or recycled rubber, but in general terms these are the most recommended, especially if you are looking for a decorative model, resistant and easy to maintain at a relatively reasonable price. The color, the design and the shape choose them to your liking.


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