Top Fun, Thrilling and Adventurous Things to do in Sikkim


Sikkim is potpourri of fun, adventure, thrill, beauty, peace and solitude. Visit the Gompas or the Monasteries to feel the extravaganza of cultural harmony and religious spectrum. Sikkim Tourism offers Hiking, River Rafting, Paragliding, Trekking, Mountain Biking and plenty of mountain magic.  The old-world charm of Sikkim bestows an alluring grandness, which blends perfectly with the modern adventure facilities.

Trek to Glory Across the Bright and Shiny Mountain Paths

The Goecha La Trek is one of the most enjoyable and popular treks across Sikkim. With the help of India Tourism Guide, you can plan a small exotic trekking trip. The Goecha La Trek is a 10-day affair and is a challengingendeavour. The tiredness of trek is amply compensated in the end by the gorgeous view of the majestic Kanchenjunga.

Hair-Raising White Water River Raftingon Teesta

Teesta is the lifeline of the state of Sikkim. It originates from the beautiful Lhamo Lake, and flows through the entire state. The river is blessed with minor and major rapids spread all along its course and makes for ample opportunities for rafting. Rafting can best be enjoyed in the months of March to May.

Sikkim Savoury –Delicacies and Local Cuisine to Eat and Relish

Gorging on the local and traditional delicacies is an integral part of a happy and satisfying vacation.

No trip of Sikkim shall be complete without tasting the momos that are steamed dumplings made of wheat flour stuffed with minced meat, cheese and vegetables; Thupka which is a traditional Tibetan soup of noodles, vegetables and meat; Kinema Curry cooked with fermented soybean and served with rice; Gundruk and Sinki Soup of fermented and sundried vegetables; Sel Roti, Nepalese bread made of fermented rice batter and deep fried and served with potato or meat curry; fermented bamboo shoot Mesu in curries, soups and pickles; mutton curry called Pakku cooked in Nepalese style and served with rice; and traditional soup of nettle leaves called Sishnu.

Exciting Sikkim shopping

Shop extravagantly for Traditional Sikkimese handicrafts and woollens, Thangkas paintings, Tibetan crockery items, prayer wheels, bamboo artefacts, Lepcha weave bags, Choksee tables, woollen carpets and blankets. The list goes endless.

The Adrenalin-Pumping Bungee Jumping

Sikkim offers the exotic and ideal location for Bungee jumping. As you take the plunge deep down catch the crisp cold wind against your face and get mesmerized by the beautiful sight below you. Bungee jumping from the highest bridge of Sikkim is must for the adventure lovers.

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The Singshore Bridge is a suspended bridge at a height of 198 metres. There you can explore Bungee jumping under the aegis of trained professionals. The scenic backdrop of the lush green mountains all around adds to the charm of adventure. 

Be a Witness to Exotic Cultural Extravaganza of Sikkim

Sikkim Fairs and Festivals exhibit proudly the essence of Indian culture and traditions. Most of the festivals of Sikkim are centred on Buddhist traditions and customs. Khecheopalri Lake Festival is held in the month of March each year, and attracts lots of tourists from across the country.

It is celebrated on the sacred banks of Khecheopalri Lake in Pelling where devotees float hundreds of butter lamps on the lake waters in the evening and chant fervently. Similarly enigmatic is the Sikkim International Flower Festival which presentsa huge variety of rhododendrons, magnolias, roses and rare orchids.

This festival is celebrated in the summer months of April and May. Another important festival Namchi Mahotsav is celebrated in October which presentsflower exhibitions, cultural shows, musical performances, traditional handicrafts, textiles and food fests. Some other important festivals can be cited as Gangtok Winter Festival, Losoongor the Sikkimese New Year and harvest festival and Kanchenjunga Tourist Festival of Pelling.

Travel Across the Sikkim Air via the Gangtok Ropeway

Ropeway ride through the Gangtok Ropeway is very exciting. This ride is a fun activity for all ages. Start with the lowest Staion Deorali and reach the end station to have a complete ride. Enjoy the mountains and valleys spread serenely below and feel the joy of hanging mid-air by a cable.

Fly Like a Bird,Cut through the Winds – Paragliding in Sikkim

Sikkim offers the wonderful and exciting joy of paragliding at chosen points such as Pangthang, Bojoghari village and Tashi View Point. The high altitude and magnificent vales and mountains make Sikkim a coveted paragliding destination.

Extravaganza of Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery is another destination to get thrilled and awed by the stupendous mountain beauty surrounding its premises. This piece of art is a three-storied grandeur and set against the most robust of mountain ranges. It is located in Ruaficionadosmtek, 23 kilometres from Gangtok. It offers amazing view of the entire Gangtok town spread across the mountain slopes. Rumtek monastery belongs to the Kargyu Sect of Buddhism and was built by Gyalwa Karmapa in the 1960s.

Joy and Thrill of Getting Airlifted for Helicopter Ride

For the adventure lovers and those who do not mind splurging on a memorable air path, Bagdogra is connected to Gangtok by helicopter service that plies regularly. It is managed and operated by Sikkim Tourism development Corporation. The time taken to cover this air distance is merely 20 minutes. But check on availability and also the helicopter service majorly depends on the weather conditions.

Sikkim Helicopter Service is an exhilarating experience and falls under the category of special mountain flights. It is a luxurious indulgence that offers you an unhindered view of the majestic Himalayan peaks up close. It is a feast for all your senses.

The real beauty of the magnanimous Mount Khanchendzonga, which is the third highest peak in the world, unfolds to dazzle the onlookers. Pitted with the stupendous beauty of Khanchendzonga is the sedate beauty of Mount Siniolchu. Critics have claimed Siniolchu to be the most beautiful peak among all others in the entire Himalayan range.

Sikkim tourism promotes all adventure, fun and thrill activities to make for a complete vacation experience for tourists from far and near.


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