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Very Soon You Can Save Files Offline in Google Drive


The Google Drive application has become a very useful tool to create files and share from photographs to projects and has access to them on any of our devices. However, you need to have a connection to work on it, until now.

For a long time, users used other applications to work on their Drive files without having a connection, but this was a non-Google solution that did not always work well. Therefore, those of Mountain View have decided to include this possibility among the new features that arrive this year to Google Drive.

At the beginning of this year, the company included the function of consulting the files of Docs without the need to have a connection and, in addition, they could be edited. But to save those changes it was necessary to connect or everything worked would be in vain.

With the new update now we can also save the files with all the changes made although at that moment we are not connected to the network. “You can now make the Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations files available offline” they explained in their official blog.

Using Google Drive in our Chrome browser, we can mark both PDFs and an image or another type of files to access them without connection.

Yes, as you can see below, to have access to these contents, although not strictly Google Drive but created in Microsoft Office, for example, we need to indicate it previously, by right clicking on a file and selecting “Make available offline”.

At the moment this function is in beta and only available to users of corporate accounts in GSuite, but it is very likely that the rest of users do not have to wait long for Google to launch the official version.

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