What Is An SEO Audit For And How Much Does It Cost?


If you have come this far, it means that you understand the importance of an SEO Audit before starting any web positioning project. Or, at least, intuit that you can provide certain information to help you focus your strategy. Therefore, we will explain how an SEO audit of your business website can help you and how much it can cost you.

What is an SEO Audit?

Let’s start at the beginning, defining what an SEO Audit is and what we can achieve with it. Basically, it consists in carrying out an in-depth review of your website to identify the current situation of the website in reference to SEO, detecting all those points that could be improved to achieve a good web positioning.

What is an SEO Audit for?

An SEO audit is, roughly speaking, a roadmap that will serve you for three things:

  1. Find out if you are using the most appropriate words to position yourself (based on your goals).
  2. Know the current status of the Internet positioning of your website.
  3. Knowing what aspects should be improved to get to the top of Google, like a roadmap.

With this, we can get an idea of the starting point and how far or near we are to have our website fully optimized for web positioning.

The objective of an SEO Audit is to list and organize all those problems or points of improvement in the order of importance. In this way, when you start with the repair of the errors and the optimization of the site, you will save a lot of time since you only have to follow the steps previously indicated in the SEO Audit.

Therefore, before carrying out any strategy of positioning on the Internet, we always recommend carrying out an SEO Audit of your website, to know the current status of this and what is the best way to approach the strategy according to the needs and objectives the clients.

Now yes, how much does an SEO audit cost?

It is possible that you have reached this point expecting to see a price scale depending on the website to be audited. Establishing a fixed price for an audit is not easy since many factors are involved (we will see some of the main ones below). In this sense, probably who offers closed prices in this type of services, perform a standardized audit, without taking into account the particularities and specificities of each web. Each audit is different no two are the same, so the prices should always be specific and personalized for each case.

Having said that, we will explain the most important aspects when determining a price:

The type of web

One of the most important aspects when determining the price of an SEO Audit is the type of web with which we will work. It is very different to audit a corporate website than e-commerce. Within each case, the price can vary greatly depending on the number of pages or products that we have.

In addition, the fact that it is a content manager (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) or web made to measure (PHP, HTML, etc.) will certainly likewise vary the cost.


Knowing the number of languages of a website that must be audited, is one of the factors that can have the most impact when determining a price. In some cases, it is possible to extrapolate part of the analysis in the other languages, but it must be borne in mind that generally having different languages means working in different countries and markets, so it is advisable to treat each one independently to develop later different SEO strategies.

The situation of the web

This is another aspect that should be taken into account when making a budget. It is very different the work that must be done for a website of new construction, than for one that, for example, has been penalized by Google. In this last case, the price of the audit will vary depending on the reason for the penalty and its scope (it is not the same as having been penalized as a result of a malware attack that using fraudulent SEO techniques). Therefore, if you were thinking of using Black Hat techniques for your web page, better think twice! 😉

The number of pages

Even though it is obvious, it is important to mention it. And yes, the number of pages within your website will determine to a large extent the price of the audit. Auditing 15 pages is not the same as 3,000, does not it make sense? 😊

Working time

This point is more directed to the client that hires an SEO Audit since sometimes the time that is used in it is not taken into account. As in any other sector, a cost per hour is determined, and how many more hours are allocated to the project, the more expensive it will be. So all the information that can be provided to the person in charge of carrying out the audit, will save time and therefore, money.

Once the audit is done, the next step is to resolve the detected errors and propose and implement an SEO strategy based on the points of improvement of the website, which allows improving the presence and visibility of your business in Google.

We hope you discover this info helpful. In case of doubts or need more specific information, contact us without obligation and we will help you achieve your goals.


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