Visit the famous places of Madhya Pradesh


It is known that Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India and it is the largest state of the country as well. It lies just in the middle of the country and there are a plenty of places to explore when it comes to Madhya Pradesh.

If one has decided to visit Madhya Pradesh this time, then here are a few places that one can check and keep on their travel list.

Bandhavgarh National Park

It is said to be the most famous wild life sanctuaries in the country and when one visits this place, there is a high chance to spot a tiger. Apart from the tigers, one can get to see a huge variety of birds here. It is said that, more than 250 species of birds can be seen in this jungle along with 35 different types of wild animals. This forest covers a large area of 450 square kilometres and if one is keener to see the birds here then one need to visit the place in winter for migratory bird spotting. But on the other hand if one wants to see tigers more, then summer is the best time to go for a jungle safari deep in the Bandhavgarh.


When it comes to offbeat places in Madhya Pradesh then Dhar is definitely a primary one. This place is actually surrounded by barren hills which look magnificent. This is actually a pretty old town and one can get to see a lot of structures which carry a lot of historical importance. But one should definitely visit the famous Dhar Palace. When Raja Bhoj was the ruler, then Dhar was the capital of this area.


If one wants to visit a place with utmost historical importance, then they must pay a visit to Khajuraho. This place is famous for its erotic sculptures which were built around the time period of 950 AD. In the temple, there is a Nagara style of architecture that has been followed and one can get to see that clearly. This place is definitely a tie travel to the past.


Another World Heritage Site that one must not miss when in Madhya Pradesh is the Bhimbhetka caves. One needs to take a drive of 46 kilometres from the Bhopal city to reach there. These caves were discovered by an archaeologist named Vishnu Wakankar in the year 1957-58. The rock paintings that are found in these caves are almost 15000 years old and they are the actual treasures. One can get to see the stories and daily lifestyles of human beings from that period in those paintings. They are there all over the ceilings and walls of the caves.


This place is located at the banks of River Narmada and it is also popularly known as the Varanasi of Central India. There are many temples here and most of them are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Apart from that one can also visit the Ahalya Palace and the Bhawani Mata Mandir. These places are famous for Maheshwaru silk sarees and scarves.

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