Ways of Making Your Entryway Improve Its Curb Appeal


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There is an adage that goes, “First Impressions Last.” This saying holds when it comes to the appeal of your home. First-time visitors to your home will immediately get an impression on the type of person who lives there based on your home’s exterior look. If your home has a low curb appeal, then most people who look at your home may develop a bad impression on the type of person living there. It is, therefore, important to improve your home’s curb appeal. 

Improving Your Entryway

One of the significant aspects of a home’s façade and probably one that will get the most attention is your main entryway. Whether your door has half moon door handles or any other fancy handles, your home’s front door is your home’s entryway. Here are some ideas in improving your entryway to increase your home’s curb appeal. 

Refresh Your Doors Finishing. A fresh coat of paint may significantly improve the look of your front door. You can change it up a little by changing your door’s color by choosing a color that may become an accent piece to your home’s entire facade. Be imaginative in your choice of paint. On the other hand, if your door is not painted but rather is finished in stain or varnish, you can refinish your door or apply a new stain color to match your entryway’s overall aesthetics. 

Replace Your Existing Door. Standard doors should be used only for interior rooms of your home. If your home’s entryway still has a standard door, it is now the time to replace it with a modern-looking door. If your entryway still has enough room, renovate and expand your entryway to accommodate double doors that can be opened by pulling on half moon door handles. Half moon handles are stylish yet functional, and they add sophistication and class to any doorway. However, do not try to expand your entryway yourself, hire a professional door installer for the renovation, and do not skimp on your budget. 

PULL Handle Half Moon

Replace Door Hardware. Most often than not, you can significantly alter the look of your doorway by simply replacing the existing door hardware. Change the doorknobs into something more appealing. If you have double doors, have half moon door handles installed. Change existing hinges, knockers, door grilles, and other door elements to create a new look. 

Add Lighting. An entryway that has poor lighting will look gloomy from the street. When you add more lighting to your entryway, it will create a more welcoming look and increase your home’s curb appeal. Adding more light focused on your main doorway will also hinder attempts from would-be trespassers from trying to break in your home. When installing new lights, it is important to match the lighting fixtures with the overall look of your façade. For example, if you have half-moon door handles made of metal, your lighting fixtures must be made of the same if not similar materials.

Add Planters. One of the easiest ways to increase your front door’s appeal is to put a potted plant beside it. However, it is important to match the type and size of the plant to your door. Plants that are too tall or huge may make your doorway appeal smaller than it is. 

When you improve the look of your front door, you are not only increasing the curb appeal of your home; you are ensuring that you will smile every time you see your front door


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