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What Happens On Angriya Cruise? (All mysteries unfolded!)


It is difficult to underestimate the beauty of cruising. But the first time cruisers are digging deep to know what makes it so irresistible- don’t struggle as we bring you the detailed analysis of cruise

The time India has come up with its first domestic cruise- Angriya, people have started to grow the fondness of cruises. A reputed Mumbai to Goa cruise kick-started in October runs the best of services, events, clubs and entertainment that is just adding flavours to your journey. The enthusiasts are hearing stories of what’s brand new, how to book the cruise, what to pack in the bag and overall what to expect on a cruise.

For people who are still unaware of what things occur on the cruise once it retires from the port, we are letting the cat out of the bag. Hold your breath as you are going to read the inside story of cruising, both domestic and foreign-

There Are More People Aboard Than You Expect

How big a cruise is? Well, that definitely varies- but, it can surely go over thousands of people. And as you approach the cruise terminal, you can find masses of excited people unloading their luggage to porters and they in return put it in the bin from where it is ready to reach in your personal cabins. You are welcomed with greetings and a layout map that can run you through the ins and outs of cruise routes.

There Is A Balance Of Sea And Land

While most first-timers would be scared of the thought that they have to stay sailing on the sea for the entire time, which is not the reality. During the day the cruise docks in a port or anchors in a bay and this gives you the opportunity to drop off and relish the partaking in an excursion. It could be discovering a new city ( Mumbai to Goa Cruises have specials like Mumbai to Goa via Kochi and you get to spend several hours at the blissful and cultural southern city of Kochi before holidaying in Goa), going for a horse-ride or joining an artistic seminar.

It Is A Home With Different Kinds Of Accommodations

From something smaller than hotel rooms to a lavish suite, the cruise offers you options of where and how you want to spend your days and nights on the cruise. The regular cruise rooms called cabins or staterooms can help four people to settle in. There are two twin beds that can be adjoined to make it a king or queen size bed. There are are also additional spaces for sleeping like a pullout sofa or upper bunks. Plus these rooms are very fashionably made which keep you comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

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It’s Restaurants, Casinos, Discos, Clubs And More

When you hear the excited returned journeyers talking about the luxurious facilities, rooms and services on the cruise, they aren’t lying. The cruise is large enough to occupy your entire society, feed them, entertain them and even take them on excursions. For example, the Angriya is armed with amenities as exquisite eateries, 6 classic bars, a fathom lounge, infinity pool, open decks and a lot more options to keep you engaged while the cruise slides over the sea.

It Is Brimming With Plenty Of Entertainment Activities

You are unplugging yourself away from your home for a week, or more, and thus cruise lines make it an aim to let this be the most unforgettable journey ever. Saying that you have got so much to do on board. Firstly, you are updated about the special Daily Programs through a leaflet or newsletter along with the dress code. You are then made familiar with it every day, told about programs for the next day, the activities to be held, and their timings and places to congregate.

You Are Taken Offshores To Extend The Fun

The outdoor excursions of the cruise are inevitable. It is up to you to choose the best cruise line that is offering something you are fond of and you look forward to investing your time and money in. The cruise excursions packages are varying- few offer standard explorations while others allow you to travel in much smaller groups offering a more personalized experience. Whichever be, the excursions must be selected by knowing the details from reliable agents and that is willing to promise great value. We at Mumbai-Goa cruise online booking are motivated to provide the most interesting itineraries with stellar customer services and no clutter of information.

Hope this gives you an adequate insight of what life on cruise looks like. You now know this holiday formula is unmatchable.



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