Where to Start When all your Earnings are Urgent and Important


It is common that on a normal day we find endless activities that we must or want to perform. We have work-related activities, family, social, entertainment activities. It becomes complicated to be able to attend to everything that is presented to us on a day-to-day basis in addition to the earnings that we drag from the previous days, but how can we discern where to start with slopes that are urgent and important.

It becomes more complicated when we do not have an agenda or do not prioritize the activities of the day to define which are the most important and that will bring us the best results, to avoid that the stress caused by the lack of planning what you should do is attack the tasks as soon as possible.

How to attack our earnings without dying in the attempt?

We must attack the activities with the highest priority first, and define which are more urgent activities and which are more important. We will not always be able to carry them out in the order that we decide as emergencies arise in the day to day that we must attack immediately, but for the most part it will help us to be aware of what activities we should concentrate on to obtain the best results. at the end of the day.

It is important to clarify that we must focus on performing a small number of tasks on the day, that is, do not try to do the 48 things you have on your pending list because this will only generate more stress and frustration because at the end of the Very surely you will not have done it. It is quite logical, if we have 8 working hours available and each important activity we do is going to take between 1 and 2 hours, we cannot expect to do 15 activities on that day.

Instead, focus on the most important activities or those that will generate the best results and if you have free time, move on with your list in those activities that have not been selected as priorities that day. As we mentioned, it is not about finishing all your earnings in a day leaving at midnight and without having gone out to eat. It’s about advancing as much as possible in your normal schedule and also paying attention to other important areas of your life such as your family, your health.

Tips to advance your earnings every day

Concentrate on doing the activity that you like least or the one that costs you the most early in the morning, since it is the moment in which the brain is more prepared to attack those difficult activities and having finished with that burden from the beginning of the day will motivate you to continue fulfilling tasks during the day.

Most people work better visually, so we recommend that each morning at the beginning of the day you make a list of the priorities that you will focus on that day in terms of work and another list of things personal that you want to achieve, in which you must include activities that apply for that specific day such as family, social, sports, entertainment, etc.

Remember that in the labor part you will put as # 1 the activity that you like least or that represents the greatest effort. Following that you will list in order of importance the activities that you will focus on that day. We recommend that you do not have more than 5 tasks and that you have a list of pending where you can take additional activities in case you have finished all the activities or have an available space between some of them.

On the personal side you can list the things that are important for you to achieve during the day, in your spare time, or since you have left work and have time for yourself. Remember that you must have a balance on both sides so that you achieve success without neglecting yourself in any area. Some examples of this would be:

  • Regain contact with an old friend
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise
  • Make a special dinner with the family
  • Attend a social event

Less stress and more action!

It is important to consider that this list is going to be a more flexible guide, as we mentioned at the beginning every day urgent things arise that we will have to attack immediately and others that may wait for their turn in your accommodation by importance. Those that are urgent attack them as soon as possible and return to your list of activities. During the day, it may be that the priorities change and that your tasks move in order, this is fine, just remember that your goal at the end of the day is to have done those activities, if for external reasons you could not accomplish them, schedule them for the next day and Be sure to strive to achieve them this time.

Now is your turn!

It is your time to put all this into practice, remember that changes in habits take time, try one day at a time and do not despair if you do not see the results you expected, we are sure that you can see a positive change from day one, but to have a real change you must do this exercise constantly until you master it. We are sure that you will feel very good with your new way of working and that everyone around you will notice the changes in your productivity in a short time.


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