10 Fun Things to do in USA – The American Bucket List


A trip to the USA is all about fun and crazy stuffs. America is a famous country all credit goes to films and TV shows, there are plenty of folks who would love to visit the USA at least once in their lifetime.

Almost every year thousands of people decide to visit the USA, the country is wonderful, unique and frolic. Your dream can be a reality now, all thanks to excellent world tour packages from India.

Here are the 10 Fun Things to Do In the USA – The American Bucket List

Watch a Game At Wrigley Field

This is an epic sports hub and loved by all the sports enthusiasts. Catch a thrilling game, sit and enjoy. After the game, head straight to the  witness world’s largest beer garden. If you are in the USA and want some fun, this is a must visit the place.

Spectacular Sunrise in the Upper Peninsula

Who doesn’t love to watch a magnificent rising sun? Even if you are not a morning person, you should not miss watching the spectacular view of sunrise crossing the  Mackinac Bridge into Upper Peninsula. Viewing the sunrise should be in your bucket list if you are visiting the USA. The rustic beauty should not be missed, indulge in hiking and get adventurous with your fellas.

Watch Car Racing at Indy 500

Hear the roar, this track has witnessed the greatest car races in America. Jump into the higher seats so that you don’t miss out even a tiny bit of race. The fourth seats are the perfect choice for the first-timers. The Indianapolis 500 is been part of several hit films and TV shows.  You will be surprised to know the track has witnessed the longest running car racing.

Witness Iconic Pacific Coast Highway

Take a long drive from Southern California to San Francisco. Opt for the longest route so that you can enjoy the most scenic road trip with your gang.  Stop at nearby restaurants and stay in the hotel to sink into the holiday fever.

Chill at Venice Beach and The  Santa Monica

Take a stroll at the Venice Beach, kick start the day with chilled drinks and admire the beautiful beach. Enjoy the street performances and take a tour of the canals. By the end of the day, visit Santa Monica and catch the sunset. The view is epic and should not be missed.

Surfing Lesson In San Diego

Bring out the adventurous fella, sign up for a cool surfing lesson in San Diego. This should be in your bucket list when you are opting for India to USA tour packages. If you are not into thrills, relax at the Mission Beach and sip few drinks or hog in some American delicacies.

A trip to Mount Rushmore

This is another favorite attraction in the USA. Take a trip to Mount Rushmore and watch the giant beauty. You can spend endless hours gazing at this bridge, stop at a nearby pub and enjoy some chilled drinks.

Las Vegas

Want to see the Hollywood stars?? Head straight to Las Vegas. Enjoy the pool party and have drinks with friends. You will love the Showbiz and Strip club. Las Vegas is the epic adult’s play area. This is the reason it is called Sin City. The temperature of Vegas can get really hot, enjoy pool parties and day clubs to chill and beat the heat.

Hiking at Appalachian Trail

If you love thrills and want to burn some calories, indulge in hiking by crossing approximately 14 states. Appalachian is the world’ longest hiking trail. Bring out the adventure gang with you, Appalachian Trail is a perfect destination for a backpacking holiday. Apart from the thrill and excitement, scenic view is an added bonus.

National Mall

Take a bike ride to the National Mall, it is the best way to explore the place.  Visit the famous memorials of Lincoln, Vietnam Veterans, WWII warriors. Also, stop by the Smithsonian museums to get a historic feeler. Spring is the best time to visit and take a bike ride through the National Mall in DC. You can witness the beautiful cherry blossoms and warm temperature.

These are some fun and frolic things to do at the USA. You surely would be convinced to take a trip and explore the county. Visiting a new country can be super fun, make sure to plan everything in advance so that you can have a memorable trip.


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