The 5 Best Apps to Find Job Offers

Apps to Find Job

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If you have set out to find a job, you should know that there are several applications that can help you. We gather for you the 5 best apps to find job offers.

The start of a new year may be a good time to set goals such as finding a new job. Either because you want to change the air, because you think they can pay you better or because you want to redirect your profession, it is always a good time to meet objectives.

If this is your case, we want to help you by recommending a series of applications through which you can access various job offers in the city of your choice. Keep in mind that these types of apps are just one more tool, but that the real work will have to come from yourself.

That is, once you find the job offer that you think can fit you, wait. Sometimes we rush to send our application without having studied well what they ask for. For this reason, we recommend you follow the following steps:

  • Read the job offer description at least twice.
  • Study what quality and skills the company is looking for.
  • Write a cover letter empowering those same qualities and skills.
  • Check your resume. There may be information that is not relevant to the position to apply to, for example, if you babysat a few years ago and apply to be an accountant, that information may not be as relevant.
  • Find information about the company to which you will send your request. This can help you find the tone you use when addressing them, and even choose the most appropriate layout for your CV. Is it a modern and youthful company or are you looking for a more serious and formal touch?
  • Recheck everything. Ask someone you trust for advice or a second opinion.
  • Good luck!

And now yes, take a look at the following applications to find a job, some of them may hide the job you are looking for.


Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn, in addition to being a perfect social network for networking and for sharing information of a more professional nature, is also an excellent app for looking for work.

It may be the most famous app in the sector, which means that it is very likely that the vast majority of large companies publish their job offers through this platform.

LinkedIn allows you to create a profile as a resume thanks to which you can apply to many of the offers that will appear. You can also activate notifications to notify you when offers that fit your profile appear. There is a premium version with certain privileges, such as being able to see who is viewing your profile.


Source: Indeed

Indeed is another of the most popular job search apps of the moment. Its user interface is very intuitive, which greatly speeds up the search and, in addition, it has a lot of filters to narrow down that same search.

We love the follow-up you can carry out on your application. That is, you will be able to know what process your request is in at all times thanks to the updates of each offer that the platform allows.


Source: JobToday

In JobToday you can find offers of all kinds of work. This app is also suitable for both job seekers and those looking for workers.

According to the app itself, JobToday aims to offer a much more agile and faster type of selection process. For this you will have to create a profile that is as complete as possible, do a quick search by sector and profession and send your request.

If you are lucky, the company will contact you, and you can communicate with them thanks to the chat tool included in the app.


Source: InfoJobs

Infojobs, available for Android and iOS, is one of the most popular apps for finding a job. The app allows you to create your CV and save it in the application so that you can easily apply to various jobs.

You can also sign up for various offers, thanks to which the software will recommend you every day the new offers that come out and fit your profile. There are also filters to personalize your search in a fairly accurate way according to your job preferences.


Source: Trovit

Although it is not one of the most popular applications, it also has millions of downloads. Its operation is quite simple and can open a window to other offers with less competition, since as we say, the app is not so popular, so fewer people will send applications.

You will have to create a profile from your computer that will be saved in your profile and that you can later use from the app on your mobile. Trovit will tell you at all times the exact number of offers that exist for each of the search words that you use, which helps you get an idea of ​​the market.


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