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Types of Fences – How to Choose the Right One for Your House!

Types of Fences

Do you know that the type of fence you choose for your house will not only play a vital role for the exterior design of your house, but it’ll also provide the most important benefit that each house owner is concerned about; Security.

Keep in mind that hiring a professional for fence installation in Alpharetta GA will give the house owner a peace of mind that everyone desires. Fence, whether it be wood, chain, iron, or any other material will without a doubt increase the value of the house. Also, it’ll have a positive effect on the sense of the house.

Different Types of Fence Materials:

Are you ready to start a fencing project but do not know the different type of fence materials. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the few common yet popular fencing materials of the market. See all the fencing options, including the cheap and the most expensive.

Aluminum Fence:

The aluminum fence is the most basic yet attractive type of fence. However, it does not provide the amount of security that many house owners have been looking for. The maintenance of such type of fence is easy as compared to other options that we’ll discuss. What more? You can paint, decorate it, and make them look like other type of fences too.

Wood Fence:

The wooden fence is the most popular choice for fence in the USA. The wood fence gives the house owners a sense of privacy and such fences are considered to be more attractive than the rest.

There is no doubt that the wood fences ought to give house owners a warm and welcoming feeling without hitting hard on the budget.

PVC Fence:

The PVC fences are the cheapest option out of the rest. The PVC is used to replace the wooden stakes. Although, the PVC material is not as strong as the wooden fence, but they do serve the purpose of fencing.

Most of the times, the PVC stakes and pickets are attached with the help of an adhesive to the cross bar and other times, they’re fastened with screws.

Vinyl Fence:

The Vinyl fence is one of the elite materials. These types of fences are considered to be stronger and flexible as compared to wood fence.

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The vinyl fence are easy to maintain and they can resist paint too. This implies that graffiti or any other unwanted stains will be easily removed.

Bamboo Fence:

Just like the hardwood flooring, the bamboo fences have started to gain popularity in the market as well. The bamboo can easily be grown naturally, so that our green readers can have peace of mind, that this option is the most eco-friendly and attractive option in the market.

Electric Fence:

The electric fence are usually used to contain dogs through an invisible field of electricity. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. The electrical fences are also known as invisible fences. The installation process involves placing a wire in a trench dug along the boundary.

The initial item to be used is a battery-operated dog collar. The collar will warn the animal when it’s near by the boundary. If the animal tried to cross the boundary, it will deliver an electric shock.

Note: If your fences are old and worn-out, then you need to hire a professional for fence repair services.

How to Choose the Right Fence for Your House?

Need a new fence for your house but are not sure as to how will you be able to choose the right one? If yes, then you need to keep reading until the end. We’ve outlined some tips to choose the right fence based on your space and needs.

#1: Privacy

If you’re looking for true privacy, then you need to choose a fence that has little to no space between the boards. Keep in mind that a closely spaced lattice can be nearly as private as any solid material.

#2: You Need To Go Gateless:

If you need the ease of access, and you are not concerned about the security then you need to consider a fence that is more like a chain link fences. The offset fences will allow room for a path while giving a full view to the streets as well.

#3: Secure

The most common and important feature of a fence is added security. If you really are looking for a strong, high-security option, then you need to choose a fence that’ll help in deterring intruders who attempt to climb the fence.

The choice of fence solely depends upon your choice of style and budget. Always choose the fence material that serve the best purpose for you and your house.



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