5 Tips to Clean Your Skin Properly


Skin cleansing goes beyond removing waste with soap and water. Although many overlook it, it is important to exfoliate tone and apply other basic care. Aim!

To clean your skin properly it is not necessary to buy the most expensive products on the market. Although we cannot deny that they are usually quite useful, there are other basic cares that we can put into practice without excuses.

The skin accumulates a series of residues that we cannot always notice with the naked eye. Sweat, exposure to contaminated environments, dust and many other factors are causing a series of problems that are reflected in the appearance of imperfections.

Fortunately, there are quite affordable methods that help us clean it without having to go to a spa or beauty center. In this opportunity, we want to share 5 recommendations for you to apply from time to time in your routine.

Why is it important to clean the skin?

Beyond aesthetic issues, cleaning your skin correctly is key to promoting wellness. Although it is not always notorious, on its surface waste accumulates that can cause alterations. In fact, the accumulation of fat and dirt affects problems such as acne.

On the other hand, such residues create an environment conducive to the proliferation of bacteria, which can lead to more careful infections. Do you want more reasons to clean your skin every day? In addition to the above, other benefits of skin cleansing are:

  • Prevention of premature signs of age.
  • Reduction of excess fat production.
  • Elimination of dead cells and impurities.
  • Tissue regeneration and greater oxygenation.
  • Greater hydration and freshness.
  • Appearance softer and younger.

Tips to clean your skin properly

It is very important to keep in mind that to clean your skin correctly you do not need conventional soaps or specific products. While these alternatives are distributed as an effective option to remove waste and impurities, they are not always entirely good.

Many even have chemical components that alter skin pH and eliminate natural oils that retain elastic and hydrated tissues. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning, just apply basic care, preferably using products of natural origin.

1. Use a neutral soap

For many years, some research has been documented that demonstrates that the use of conventional soaps can affect the health of the skin. Due to their components, they can destroy the skin’s pH, eliminating natural oils and healthy bacteria.

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To solve this, it is best to opt for the use of neutral soaps, if possible, based on natural ingredients. Its formulas are much softer than that of scented soaps and also respect the slightly acidic pH of the skin. Don’t forget to rinse them with cold water.

2. Apply an exfoliating product

The application of scrubs has gained a lot of importance in recent years. In fact, for many women they have become essential in their beauty routines. For what reason? They are the best complement to clean the skin correctly, leaving it free of impurities.

Thanks to its grainy texture ingredients, they contribute to release those residues that do not appear in the usual soap wash. In addition, they have an astringent effect that minimizes excessive sebum accumulation. Therefore, they are perfect for combating acne problems and blackheads.

Don’t you have a commercial scrub on hand? Then prepare one with natural ingredients. You just have to combine a granulated ingredient such as coarse sugar or coffee, with a moisturizer such as coconut oil or honey. After obtaining a thick paste, apply it with gentle circular movements, leaving it to act 3 or 5 minutes.

3. Use oil based cleaners

Oil-based cleansers offer some advantages when cleaning the skin. Due to their composition, they trap dirt and release dead cells that are retained on the surface. In addition, they do not alter the skin’s natural oil barrier and its pH.

In fact, commercial makeup removers usually have some oils in their composition, as they are suitable for removing particles of cosmetics that remain attached in areas such as eyes, cheekbones and eyelashes. What are the best natural oils?

If you prefer to use the oils in natural preparations to clean the skin, opt for olive, sweet almond or coconut oil. You may also like grapeseed, avocado or argan oil.

4. Use micellar water to clean your skin properly

Micellar water is a product designed for all skin types. In recent years it has gained a lot of popularity, since it has molecules that attract dirt and fat residues from the face, transporting them through the water for subsequent skin removal.

The most interesting thing is that it can be an alternative for conventional tonics. Its regular use helps seal the pores, complements cleaning and tones the tissues. Can you dry the skin? The answer is no. It is free of alcohol, parabens and other substances that can cause skin aggressions.

5. Make regular masks

The application of masks is still valid as a good alternative to clean the skin properly. Whether commercial or of natural origin, its use facilitates the removal of dirt and sebum particles that are retained in the pores. Best of all, they hydrate tissues and help correct imperfections.

In summary

You can do a deep cleansing of the skin with basic products that you usually acquire with ease. The most important thing is to do it on a regular basis, because this way we avoid the accumulation of sebum, makeup or dirt residues.


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