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Best Shops in La Mer Dubai


In “La Mer Dubai” (Interlink this word to article 11 – la Mer Dubai), we discussed in detail about La Mer Dubai, things to do, timings, facilities, and many more! Today we will discuss the best shopping points at La Mer Dubai. Dubai is famous for its lifestyle and shopping malls. By keeping the same tradition alive at La Mer Dubai, there are more than 50 shopping brands are waiting for you.

Following are the best Shopping Brands in La Mer and their specialties.

98 Coast Av.

You are in Dubai and don’t have the swimsuit and beachwear? No problem at all, 98 Coast Av. is the solution to your problem. They are offering a wide range of women, men and children swimsuits and beachwear variety.   Do you need sunglasses, beach accessories, or any undergarments? 98 Coast Av is there for you with a lot of stylish options. With joyful colors and attractive designs, 98 Coast Av. is the brand that you should try out for swim wears. The true companion for your colorful memories on the beach side.

Bayt Al Saboun Alloubnani:

Bayt Al Saboun Alloubnani is Lebanese cosmetics brand with a huge product line up of hair, body care, and facial products. Bayt Al Saboun is using the pure herbs collected from all around the world and manufacturing them to produce high-quality products for their customers. They have unique ingredients blend with each other using the latest technology for a new generation, by proven methods of countless generations. Bayt majorly following the traditions and quality of their products for end-users, it is the main reason for their success.

Beach Bunny:

Beach bunny is a well-known brand for its joyful designs and feminine allure cuts. Super cool bikinis with jewels and laces are waiting for you to wear and enjoy the La Mer Beach. Funky beachwear and high-quality products are waiting for you. Beach bunny is striving to provide you the playful and cool swimwears with modern designs and cuts. Just try the beach bunny and party hard!

BinSina Pharmacy:

At La Mer, you are looking for health care and beauty products? BinSina Pharmacy is here to take care of your health. They have experts to guide you about many products like beauty, derma baby care, personal care, cosmetics, oral care products, and a lot more. You do not need to worry about your health and medicines if you are going to La Mer for vacations because BinSina is always here for you to take care of your health.


Franprix is an innovative and modern grocery store by famous French industry player since 1898. The casino group is the owner of Franprix, and they have a solid background in market. Casino group is also leading in the global food market. Franprix has more than 12000 outlets worldwide, and they are dealing in almost all kinds of urban grocery and catering accessories. At La Mer, the Franprix is along with Parisian Model. Yes, the Franprix is not just a grocery store, but it is built in a way to relax, chat, or you can order food even if you have the choice of taking away too!


Glassing is an Italian eyewear brand at La Mer Dubai. It is the right spot to get your glasses for the vacations. At La Mer beach you want to give some peace to your eyes? Glassing is a solution for you. The beauty of \glassing is that all products are handmade and premium quality. You can simply call it the heaven of eyeshades in UAE.

Hamac Beach Boutique:

Hamac is a luxurious beachwear brand at La Mer Dubai. Hamac is offering women, kids, and men’s wear of vibrant colors, trendy prints, and quality fabrics. Hamac Beach Boutique has some famous brands in store like Vilebrequin, Sundek, Sunuva, Melissa Odabash, Feriado Nacional, Pain de Sucre, Borg, GlamOn You, Gottex, Havaianas, and a lot more brands to enlighten your vacations and holidays with premium lifestyle and fascinating shopping experience.


ShayMartian is the best selling swimwear and Havaianas boutique at La Mer. You don’t need to bring luggage with you for vacations or don’t bring up the whole swimwear with you. Be hassle-free and after reaching La Mer, just check the ShayMartian. You will find beautiful swimwear, beachwear or Havaianas to enjoy your holidays. They have a range of products from different brands too. Also, they are offering resort wear for women and footwear too. Complete accessories for watersports are available there. Men’s and kids wear are also available with some unique accessories too. Paddleboards, sunscreens, and beach bags are also there for you.


SWIMS is a water lover brand; itself SWIMS love the water! Firstly found in Norway and the idea was clicked from a student strolling in Norway by wearing the grandpa’s old galoshes. SWIMS is just famous for the stylish galosh! They also launched loafer for the winter season now, and they stand out from the rest. A complete range of summer and winter loafers are available at SWIMS.


Enjoying Dubai without shopping is not justifiable. A watch is representing the personality of an individual and its taste. SEVENFRIDAY, a Switzerland based company, is offering swiss made watches at LA Mer Dubai. All the watches are modernized in look and have a keen resemblance with heavy-duty machines in look. The looks of engines and tools everything is just futuristic to watch. You are going to love these swiss watches. Just visit the SEVENFRIDAY and get something unique for yourself.

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SEVENFRIDAY Timing: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM

SEVENFRIDAY Contact Number: +971 505611220

Final Words:

In other words, Dubai is a synonym of shopping! Because the government policies there are so appealing for shoppers. Like there is no TAX on shopping made it attractive heaven for shopping. If you have some bucks to burn, then Dubai is the best place to set a fire. If you are visiting La Mer Dubai, and looking for shopping experience without any confusion and want to preplan your whole trip, hopefully, this article will help you to organize everything.



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