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7 Tricks to Carry Everything in your Cabin Suitcase


Here are 7 tricks so you can take it all

World Tourism Day is celebrated, a perfect time to think about the next getaway. If you do not want to pay for your luggage, when traveling in a low cost airline, or you simply do not want to risk losing it, you will have to throw ingenuity and be practical when preparing your suitcase.

TheForbiz, a company founded in USA in 2006 that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of handbags and fashion accessories, leaves us the 7 tips we need when making our suitcase.

Check the airline’s baggage policy

First of all, find out on your website the limits of your cabin luggage. Although in general all accept 55 x 40 x 20 cm suitcases, some have specific measures. Also consider the maximum weight you can carry without billing.

Choose versatile garments that serve everything

To save space in your suitcase you have to choose comfortable and basic garments that combine with each other, and that you can wear both during the day and at night. Jeans, black pants, shirt or white shirt… cannot be missing. Check the time to know if you have to take some coat, a raincoat, etc.

Save space in the suitcase

Packing in the most appropriate way will save you space. Roll up your clothes to prevent them from wrinkling and because they will take up less. If your suitcase has several compartments you can organize it more easily. Fill in the gaps with your underwear. And start by putting down the heaviest shoes and objects.

Call the hotel

Check if there is a hair dryer, shampoo, gel, toothpaste in the room … So you won’t have to take them.

Use plastic containers for liquids

Remember that if you do not invoice, you have to carry the liquids in a transparent bag and in containers that do not exceed 100 ml. It is best to resort to the mini sizes that many cosmetic brands offer or buy plastic bottles and fill them with your usual products.

Take more things on top

Take advantage of the pockets of your jacket to store things or carry a large handbag or a backpack to put, for example, the bag, a sweater, etc.

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Choose the best suitcase

And, most importantly, choose a suitable suitcase to carry in the cabin.



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