7 Paradise Beaches Where to Spend the End of the Year


Enjoy the paradise beaches, under a warm climate, and with the best service where you can taste your favorite drink, in addition to wearing a beautiful brush, it is the best thing that could happen to celebrate the end of the year.

 Admire the most beautiful landscapes, with the comfort of wearing a nice swimsuit and fresh and light clothes; it would be the best option for you to have a different and unforgettable experience. Spending a few days at the beach before the end of the year is a unique way to have a good time in the best paradises.

Tops of 7 Paradise Beaches to spend the end of the year

The end of the year is one of the best times to travel to a paradise beach, due to its pleasant climate, its beautiful view of its deep blue sea and the sun in its entire splendor during that date.

 Because of this, today I want to recommend the best beaches for you to enjoy to the fullest when receiving the New Year that awaits you:

 Bocas Del Toro in Panama

This beautiful island is located in Panama and has Jamaican airs. If you want to have a good time at a party to have a lively end of the year, this is the perfect place. In it, you will find excellent restaurants, nice paradise beaches, and places where you will only find fabulous environments.

 The best of all is the treatment of its people, they have a coastal character and a marine fauna that falls in love, their kindness will make you want to go again and share with them, so, if you think about looking for a Caribbean paradise to spend the last day of the year, this would be an ideal option, without a doubt.

 Zanzibar in Africa

If you have dreamed of ending the year in an exotic place, where you can enjoy the scenery of the most fabulous paradise beaches in the world, Zanzibar is the best decision. You can choose to stay in any of its wonderful international hotels where they celebrate the new year with a great variety of shows and activities for all tastes.

 You can also enjoy a spectacular beach to spend it differently, in a paradise with a unique beauty that you will never forget. Among the activities you can do are snorkeling excursions, you can also see dolphins, practice water sports and sail with the sunset.

 This place is a contrast of different colors, history, and customs, its dream beaches contain an impressive nature, I assure you that Zanzibar will be the most incredible thing you will see in any other destination and at the same time very emotional for you to receive the year.

Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

If there is a beach all over the world that can be related to Christmas, it is undoubtedly the wonderful Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. Together with the spectacular temperatures of the Antarctic summer, the greatest light show you have ever imagined joins.

 The magnificent floating Christmas tree of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the beautiful view of the fireworks and the biggest end of the year party on the beach, with the opportunity to bathe in one of the most famous beaches worldwide, It is the best way to have fun with your partner or friends on this special date.

 Mykonos in Greece

This wonderful Greek island, every year expects a large number of visitors to celebrate the last day of the year, this transmits an atmosphere full of tradition. This is because, in spite of its lovely music in all the streets and its fireworks shows, it contains various customs that remind of its ancient traditions that are still maintained in the families of the place.

 In this country, superstitions are elements of great importance when the new year is coming, at midnight the bells ring starts and you can enjoy tasting the cake of St. Basil, while the person next to you, you will have to break the pomegranate fruit, since according to their traditions this will bring you very good luck during the next year.

Hawaii in the United States

It is the most beautiful American paradise, due to its excellent natural landscape. You can find this spectacular place five hours away if you travel by plane from the west coast of the United States.

 Its traditions, its culture, and its gastronomy assure you that it is different from what you are surely used to since this island is a mixture of the Pacific. This place has something very original, capable of stealing your heart that will make you feel that you do not want to return home without having seen the whole place.

 Although it is a long journey, I can tell you that it is worth spending the end of the year in any of its beaches that are full of great beauty and where you will only see nature wherever you want you to go.

Samana in the Dominican Republic

It is one of the places with a high level of beauty in this Caribbean country. In it, you can find the most authentic paradise of the best crystalline waters and contemplate its golden sand.

 In this bay, you can find Bacardi Island, one of the most spectacular places you will never forget if you decide to spend the end of the year in a real paradise.

Valparaiso in Chile

Spending the end of the year in this traditional port is one of the best decisions you could have if you like to dance and enjoy parties to the fullest. From its beaches, you can appreciate the best shows you could see of fireworks since it is one of the most important pyrotechnic entertainments in all of Latin America.

 Apart from enjoying its beautiful marine view, you can observe all the beauty of fireworks from the high seas, in the different types of boats that are available for tourists.

In case you want to escape from the cold, to spend a different and pleasant new year on a paradisiacal beach, any of the options that I have mentioned is the ideal way to spend it relaxed or if you like something more fun for you to enjoy maximum.


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