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8 Practices That You Must Implement To Position Your Business on Google


Once you have started your venture it is essential that you make all the possible strategies for your business to position itself as a recognized brand.

Not only in the context where you operate but through the web, and what better way to do it through the giant Google. We know that at first glance it does not seem like a simple task, but it is not impossible.

To do this, we will offer you the 8 practices that you must put in place to position your business on Google, which will greatly facilitate you to boost your brand to the first places.

Position your business on Google

Google is listed as the search engine that is most used today, basically because it works from the tracking of all available websites, determining which is the most relevant for the user’s search. Hence, it is so important that you position your business on this website and enjoy all the benefits that this will bring you.

Do not forget that in today’s world, it is more frequent to search for businesses via the web, and as they say there ‘if you are not on the network, you do not exist’. On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that your website now becomes your letter of introduction and if you have any doubts, the simple fact that your business appears in the first search places gives it even more credibility.

Get on-page SEO strategies

These tactics are also known as on-site strategies, which refer to everything you execute on your website in order to improve your positioning. In this sense, you can use tools that will let you know about your current situation, some of them are Website Auditor, MOZ, among others. Another important aspect is to improve your loading speed.

Optimize work outside the web

This optimization refers to any work that is done outside your website and helps you in the positioning in the network. In this case we suggest you to network (to make yourself known outside the web), guest posting (publish as a guest post on other websites), publish press releases regularly, stay present in social networks, get reviews by the Google My Business customers, keep your activity in forums and blogs related to your business.

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Get inbound links with Link building

Inbound links must come from authority sites and be of quality, this is where the phrase that says: ‘better quality, what quantity’ fits perfectly. It is important that you avoid as far as possible place links from websites of doubtful reputation and with little authority or leave spam comments on posts or forums.

Update yourself constantly

Just as Google is in continuous update, you cannot be left behind, let alone if you want to position your business on the network. In the case of this search engine, it updates its algorithm at least twice a year, in addition to other updates that tend to vary the rankings. On the other hand, it is essential that you adapt to these changes to avoid penalties or be relegated from the first places of positioning.

Locate the keywords

When a user wants to locate something on the network, enter keywords in the search engine which are directly related to what they are looking for. In this sense, you must locate a series of words that are related or associated with your business, that is, words that somehow describe your product or service, so that the search engine directs the correct users to the website of your business.

Relationship with influencers

Currently the influencers serve as the new trend in search engine marketing, in this case it could be a person or a company related to the theme of your business. To contact them, you could mention them in one of your posts, and then contact them via email or social network. The idea is that you increase the chances of being mentioned in some of your posts.

Always think about the improvements for your website

These improvements should include the size of your site and of course the loading speed on mobile devices, in addition you should ensure a format and structure that is friendly to mobile phones. It is also important that you opt for optimized and relevant images.

Google Maps, will be a great ally

To do this you must create a business listing in Google My Business which will allow your business to appear on Google Maps. Once you achieve this, users can quickly enter businesses with the theme entered in the search engine, and of course your business should be one of the first to appear.



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