A Comprehensive Guide to Hire a Java Development Company

A Comprehensive Guide to Hire a Java Development Company

As you may already have concluded, creating a Java web application needs high technical expertise. If you have decided to build a Java-based web application. It’s time to hire a Java developer, whether in-house or outsourced. However, if you own a large-scale business. It’s not worth hiring a full-time developer’s team to create and maintain your Java web app development. Needless to say, as a small business or start-up. It is important to remain cost-effective and have access to Java experts through hiring a Java Development Company.

How To Hire Java Development Company

Before moving ahead and outsourcing a Java Development Company. You need to consider a few points that will save your time, resources, and money.

● Know Your Requirements

The first step towards hiring Java developers from Java Development Company is to determine the requirements of the web application that you want to create.

The specifications should align with the goals of the company. To ensure the final product is built as per your expectations.

These specifications must include the process to improve web applications, specialized features, user requirements, and long-term objectives.

● Choose Your Project Category

There are numerous categories of projects when it comes to Java development. And once you decide the requirements of the project, it becomes critical to opt for the right project category. Some of the categories that a Java developer and Development Company can offer include custom Java Web Applications. Java Game Development, Java Web Development, Java Product Development, Java System Integration, etc.

Choosing the project category will not only help the developers to understand your requirements easily but also makes the development process faster without compromising the quality of the deliverables.

● Make Your Project Industry-Specific

Another essential task to fulfill before you hire developers for the development of the project is to define its industry. The services of a Java Web App development company can be accessed by multiple industries including eCommerce. Education, healthcare, banking, finance, retail, hospitality, and more.

After determining the industry of the project, you can ask the development company for their relevant experience. And confirm the quality and skills of the project and developers respectively.

● Choose Framework

Java frameworks can provide a wide range of development services with their tools and frameworks. If you are hiring a Java Development Company, you should know about different frameworks. Which one would be ideal for your project.

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And whether the developers in the company have experience working with the framework you prefer. Some of the frameworks to acknowledge while working with Java are JSF, Strut, Spring, Maven, Play, Grails, etc.

● Opt for the Right Hiring Model

Before hiring a development team, you need to learn more about the hiring models and choose the one optimum for your project. The most commonly used hiring models for projects are On-Demand. Contingency Hiring, Retained Search, Exclusive Requirements, Fixed Price, and Dedicated Development Team. Choose the model carefully and then select the accurate methodology for development.

● Select Right Product Development Methodology

A project methodology is a set of practices and principles that you can use to organize your project to make its performance optimum. You can choose from numerous methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, KanBan, ScrumBan, Lean and more for your project. Some key considerations before opting for the right methodology are cost, budget, risk-taking ability, team size, timeline, flexibility and collaboration. Opting for the right one will boost the development process.

● Interview the Developers

The final step to hiring a java development company is to interview their developers and check their knowledge. And expertise for working on the project.

Before interviewing you should gain an understanding of a few technical skills and factors. Those are essential for a Java Developer to have.

  • Ensure that the senior Java developer has a thorough perception of web technologies, core Java, class loading mechanisms, Java EE components (Java Beans, Java Server Page, and RESTful) JDBC and MVC.
  • Java development tools like Hibernate, Seam, Android Studio, Spring, ORMLite, CachingTouch, Weld, and GradleMaps Store.
  • Java developers should also be familiar with concepts like EJB and EventBus.

You can also test their abilities accurately by asking them to take online tests on Core Java, Java basics. Advanced Java, RESTful, Spring Boot, Java Full Stack Development, etc.


Once the contract is created and your Java Development Company is ready to collaborate with you. You should reconfirm their understanding of requirements and be ready for conversations around objectives and business goals.

Initially, the development team from the company will start by gathering information on your existing application. (if any) or project management platform that you use. The Java development team will conduct an audit of the application to identify the technical gaps and opportunities.

According to the project development methodology selected by you, developers will share consistent reports and opportunities on the project at a regular interval. Hence, outsourcing a Java development company not only reduces the cost. But also makes work easier with the experienced team they have.


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