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Top 11 Rapid Web Development Frameworks to Use in 2022

Rapid Web App Development Framework

The Rapid web development software is regarded as an agile software development model that emphasizes faster feedback and faster prototyping in mobile application development, thereby assuring effective results and faster delivery.

The application development is inclusive of four different phases, which include data modeling, business modeling, testing, process modeling, to name a few. Rapid app development provides the opportunity to change the app conditions. In addition, it offers priority and motivates the user feedback, quick reviews reception.

 Moreover, it is efficient in decreasing the time of the application development process. Thus, it is useful in boosting productivity. From this article, you can know about the rapid web application development framework:

1. Django

Source: Django

It is regarded as the Model-View Template framework, which makes the right use of Python for website development. There are huge corporate giants, like Instagram, YouTube, and Google, who make the framework’s right use. This framework includes the batteries-included feature, which is considered to be a bunch of different features, like authentication.

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It adopts the DRY pattern and Convention Over Configuration pattern. This framework offers the prerequisite tools and techniques for the developers for the creation of the secured site. It is useful for the implementation of different security features.

2. React.JS

Increase Knowledge of React.js With These Helpful Resources
Source: React.JS

It has gained high popularity as one of the leading front-end open-source libraries. It boasts of more plugins and community support. In addition, it can make the right use of TypeScript and JavaScript. It boasts of a well-renowned design standard framework, which is referred to as Material UI.

It is considered to be a well-renowned open-source web development framework, which provides a plethora of benefits. This framework depends on Node.Js. Developers who are searching for a lighter-weight and open-source option to create applications should opt for React.

3. Vue.js

Source: Vue.js

It has earned high popularity as one of the leading rapid web development frameworks, lighter weight. It happens to be the hybrid between the larger and heavier frameworks, such as React and Angular. In case you have the already present app, you should opt for Vue as it can be integrated easily without code refactoring and major rewriting. It provides a plethora of robust built-in features which make web app development a walk in the park.

4. Express

GitHub - expressjs/express: Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework  for node.
Source: Express

Express js is recognized as the open-source, free, and Javascript-based web development framework to facilitate it. It offers support to the complete web and mobile apps. Therefore, it allows the potential audience to facilitate faster full-stack Node.js development.

If you are looking for an excellent option to create the leading payment gateways, real-time streaming, on-demand apps, and this framework is regarded as an excellent choice. It can be used and configured easily, as per the specifications. Moreover, it provides a lightweight module with the middleware. Besides this, it will run extra tasks on the request.

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5. Spring

kenhlaptrinh-java-spring-logo - Software House Indonesia
Source: Spring

It has gained high popularity as one of the leading web development technologies which offer the Java-based app’s interface. It was meant to offer support to the middle tier’s development for an outstanding framework. It’s useful in the creation of different web apps.

It’s offering various features, such as transaction management and data access, to accomplish data storage requirements. Through the enhanced community and better community support, it is considered a well-renowned framework for 2021.

6. Laravel

laravel-logo-1 | Globify
Source: Laravel

It happens to be a popular web development framework, which offers an outstanding syntax. It adopts an amazing ecosystem of various toolsets, which provides the optimum choice to develop solutions through PHP. This framework facilitates hassle-free debugging. It is believed to be an excellent alternative for the PHP ecosystems, which offer a plethora of value. A few of the primary features of these applications are zero-downtime deployments, application scaling, subscription billing, and OAuth2 implementation, to name a few.


Why not use polling threads with ASP.NET web applications?
Source: ASP.NET

It has gained high prominence as one of the leading web development frameworks as it provides the capabilities to create interactive and enriched sites, web portals, and web directories. It contributes to being a lightweight platform, which makes use of visual basic and C# primarily.

It’s developed with different compiled programming languages. It makes the right use of different programming languages, which help in the creation of a vast assortment of enterprise apps, with scalability and built-in speed. It is possible to find the server-side system and open-source framework on Linux, macOS, Windows, to name a few.

A few of the primary features of this framework are Action filters, ASP Net core routing, extensible output caching, and container support, to name a few.

8. Angular

Adventures in Angular. This week, for one of my self-imposed… | by Emily  Deans | Code Like A Girl
Source: Angular

It is known to be a front-end framework which is specialized in the creation of enriched Single-page apps. It has become widely popular as a popular framework that helps in the creation of accomplished client-side apps.

9. BackBone

Source: BackBone

It is regarded as an extremely light front-end framework, which is considered to be an excellent option to create enriched single-page apps. Adopts the MV pattern, thereby implementing the MVC design. It includes the core dependency. It boasts of a vibrant ecosystem, which is useful in creating client-side apps.

10. Google App Engine

The platform recognized as which is beneficial in creating mobile backends and web apps. It offers a variety of ready-made solutions, like Memcache, NoSQL datastores, user authentication API. It provides an excellent opportunity to upload the code, as it is useful in managing the application availability. Providing built-in solutions, like health checks, load balancing, app logging, to name a few.

11. RapidClipse

Source: RapidClipse

It provides powerful tools to facilitate convenient, faster, and visual app development. Business enterprises make the right use of RapidClipse for designing different HTML5 interfaces for various devices and platforms. It is possible to lay the UI controls through the use of the drag and drop like within the graphics programs.

The potential audience does not require programming skills to design a User Interface, as the platform produces the whole User Interface Code. It offers a convenient toolset to the potential audience, which is useful in accelerating and simplifying database development.



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