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How Can PWA Benefit Ecommerce Store Businesses in 2022?

PWA Benefit Ecommerce Store Businesses

The number of mobile applications and usage of smartphones is increasing day by day. Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the use of smartphones. Due to the increase in mobile apps and smartphones for routine tasks such as shopping using eCommerce store, food ordering, and on-demand service procurement, businesses have to think about developing a flawless mobile app.

While an ample of the native mobile apps are already life and available on all the App Store, likewise progressive web apps are also gaining attraction naturally. Progressive web app development company is booming as an effective substitute for native mobile applications. As these applications don’t need to be installed on mobile phones, users are more driven to try these kinds of apps.

What are PWAs?

There is nothing complex in progressive web apps. In Short, progressive web apps are web applications that work with trendy functionalities to provide a native app experience to the app users. The significant advantage of these applications is maintaining consistency between native and web applications. 

A PWA is a technology that allows businesses to develop web applications that have the same look and feel like native applications while using web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Progressive web apps can behave like native apps such as:

  • Steady and faster processing
  • Smart home screen
  • Push notification
  • Even offline operations

All these features of PWAs are extended from native application architecture. Businesses can provide a native-like app experience just by subscribing to progressive web apps. Furthermore, the most significant benefit of creating PWA is that users don’t need to install the app and won’t even use your space. PWAs are readily available on the web and run on web browsers. Furthermore, you don’t even need to hire developers with extra coding language experiences, as PWAs through HTML, JavaScript, CSS. Moreover, PWA developers can also leverage platforms such as VuePress and Gatsby to easily connect with the eCommerce platform.

Benefits of progressive web apps for ecommerce store

Mobile share has been increasing speedily over the past few years. As a result, businesses owners are looking forward to the best way to get their share of the mobile eCommerce market. 

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Reduced development cost and time
  • Speed and accessibility
  • Better conversion

Reach a wider audience

Progressive web apps are specially designed for every user, neglecting the platform on which they are. They also fit and respond to all the screen sizes. They are also instantly accessible to a wide range of audiences and straightforward to share through a link; more users can adopt them than it would take the time to install an app to your device.

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Reduced development cost and time

A native app will require not only its development but also needs its maintenance. Moreover, to reach a similar audience, you will have to develop applications for Android and iOS and Windows, and you even need to manage it in addition to your site.

Speed and accessibility

Google has found that almost half of the total percentage of users abandon using a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, speed is the key point before developing a website or any other application, and PWAs can also provide that as they are designed especially for smooth and speedy user experiences. PWAs are very high in speed because they use the latest modern web app development technologies and frameworks. The most significant benefit is that PWA applications can also run offline or even with low-quality networks.

Better conversion

Because of all the above benefits, PWAs provide a better user experience for all their customers, giving high conversion rates. For example, many popular PWA apps have seen hype in conversions across the various browsers after introducing them to PWAs.

Benefits for eCommerce store customers

Offline compatibility

Progressive web apps are also offline because they are directly loaded in the cache memory on the initial run. Therefore, users having low bandwidth for the internet 2G or 3G can easily use your progressive web app. 

Quick reaction

By using PWA, you can lower down the time a user spends moving from one screen to the next screen. Because it is different from other applications, PWA can load programs from the cache memory and remains active even when it is not connected to the internet it is also responsive. 

Features like other apps

Users will receive their notifications on time, even though they use a minimum amount of space on their phones. In addition, websites that are updated are mirrored in the background, and clients are saved from the aggravation of dealing with the ecommerce Store.  

PWA saves itself as an app icon on users’ home screens, so they don’t visit the website repeatedly. PWAs can also be installed on a desktop computer. 

Saving data and space

Whether it is necessary or not, users are always looking for various ways to reduce their data and internet costs. In this respect, the leading progressive web app development company for eCommerce store acts as a guardian angel for customers.


Progressive web apps can be used for small and large businesses and can easily convert conversion and revenue growth generation. If you want to develop a flawless PWA, you need to hire a progressive web app development company to develop the app according to your organization and users.



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