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We compile a whole series of platforms and web pages with tools so that designers, creatives and artists can expose their projects and offer their services to professionals who demand it.

Every designer and creative must ensure that their work is presented in the best possible quality. That is why we have wanted to compile a whole series of resources available on the network so that you can promote your work.

A well-presented portfolio of solutions is crucial if you are trying to survive in the competitive audiovisual industry. Every year new graduates emerge and the tools advance at high speed, so it is convenient to have great visibility to win projects.

Below, we show you a compendium of tools and platforms highly valued by experts, very focused on offering solutions for artists, designers and creatives in order to know the latest tools with which to promote your profile and your projects.


Source: Behance

Behance is a very active online platform with project announcements, comments, or the opportunity to follow artists, more than just a website where you can follow artists and designers. It can also be interesting for photographers, where they can expose their image galleries.

Behance also offers social features that closely resemble other social networks such as LinkedIn, so you can promote and grow your professional reputation.

You just have to attach a link to your profile so that others can see your creations simply, visually and quickly. Its registration is simple as is the fact of uploading any project.

Adobe Portfolio

Source: Adobe Portfolio

It is a powerful online tool that was integrated into Adobe’s complete suite of Creative Cloud solutions where any professional can create their web portfolio of solutions and jobs.

It is a natural evolution of the tool that was known as Behance, so it has now been absorbed by Adobe CC in order to create custom web pages including extensive galleries with photos and graphics hosted in the CC cloud, in Lightroom Mobile or on the computer local.

The editor has templates as a starting point, something that you can modify at any time. You can also customize them to your style or add additional design options.

Adobe Portfolio is marketed for free alongside Creative Cloud, with access to the full Typekit font library. You can also buy it in different modalities with prices starting from € 12.09 per month.


Source: Wix

Wix has just introduced Wix Code, which essentially gives the user or professional complete creative and development control over the projects they want to share online, indexing the works in search engines for free.

In fact, Wix makes it easy to create standalone web applications for developers, creators, and designers looking to create an application tailored to their business needs with the help of JavaScript,

Note here that you have both the front-end design and the back-end functionality hosted in the Wix Cloud, as well as advanced functions that previously only resided in custom mode.

In addition to SEO support, Wix Code offers an integrated database, with the opportunity to customize data without the need for HTML or CSS, with the idea that you can invest attention on design and development templates.

Non-developers can take advantage of databases, data-linked UI components, and other users’ custom forms with an easy drag-and-drop method.

Wix is ​​free with premium plans to expand user storage capacity, bandwidth, ad removal, and more. The free modality contemplates only 500 MB of storage.

Journo Portfolio

Source: Journo Portfolio

As its name suggests, Journo Portfolio is not just a great option for journalists, companies or professionals who need to tell stories on a blog, but it is also interesting for anyone who wants to give a visual aspect to their writing.

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The free version of the site allows you to show up to ten projects on a home page that keeps things well thought out and accessible so that it can be interesting for visitors.

If you choose to purchase any of its payment methods, you will see that you can make an instant backup of any image that you upload in PDF format (and each payment option offers unlimited loads).

If you also want, you can add links to editorial articles or websites with your images, these will also be converted to PDF, useful if something is removed from the network or when a brand is subjected to a face-lift in a way that eliminates all your hard work.

You will also have your own 8 GB email account (basic aspect) and the option to customize page styles and domain names. Try the basic version for free with the possibility of climbing for a symbolic price of € 4 per month.


Source: Fabrik

Although it is something newer than many of the platforms discussed here, Fabrik is specifically designed for creatives to show their best work. In its initial steps, it was used by renowned companies and has since attracted more followers.

You can choose from over 9,000 different design combinations, with the possibility of changing them as many times as you need or want, and without affecting the indexed work. Depending on your professional profile, the platform offers you example recommendations.

The free version will allow you to test its tools for a period of 14 days. Subsequently, you must choose the personal modality at a cost of € 7.92, or a professional edition whose cost amounts to € 11.67 per month. There is a superior without limits in projects, portfolios or storage.


Source: Weebly

Weebly was founded by three university friends who wanted to facilitate the visualization and promotion of their work online. Today, the website has a wealth of features that make it a great choice for creating a stylish look.

SEO capabilities mean that content will have better rankings and greater visibility, while integrated marketing tools make it a popular solution for e-commerce customers.

The Weebly platform offers easy-to-use drag and drop functionality and unlimited storage, depending on the package. The basic is free, but without the possibility of choosing a web domain. The immediately higher one starts at € 5, while the Pro costs € 10 a month.


Source: Portfoliobox

With a very focused orientation in the world of creatives, Portfoliobox is well configured for galleries, blogs, e-commerce, professional profiles and even companies that are dedicated to projects of all kinds.

It’s easy to navigate for those who focus on images, and it has some downright surprising effects that you won’t find on other platforms. It will allow you to create and edit any type of content without coding and with free domain.

It is one of the cheapest and the entry price for the Light version is only 0.9 cents per month, for which you will have a total of 25 pages and 10 customer image galleries.


Source: Dribbble

Dribbble is above all a community of designers where you can find all kinds of creative work commissions that are displayed so that those who need to carry out a project can contact professionals.

It is a great place to explore, learn and, of course, show off. The format is ‘Explore’, with small screenshots of designs associated with animation, printing, branding, illustration, typography or web design.

Dribbble is a great pool for making connections with other professionals based on their published projects, seeing the work of others, and learning. We can affirm that it is one of the most inspiring tools that you will find online.

If you subscribe to the professional plan, you can chat more with the designers, find hired designers and organize them based on a list of favorites.


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