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Difference Between Quality Assurance And Quality Control


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The term quality is to meet the requirement, expectation, purpose, objectives towards clients and organization. The detailed definition of quality is that the product and service is free from defects and faults. The product has fit the purposes and objectives.


Assurance is surety, security, and validity. A promise to tell something to someone confidently or confirmation.

Quality Management:

Quality management is a set of activities and processes within organizations and companies who determine the assuring of quality, validation through products needs and requirements, preventing defects through the quality process, identifying defects through product’s output. In Quality management, Quality assurance (QA Trainer) and Quality Control (QC) are very important keys to improved products and services. Many people thought and said that both the term QA and QC are the same but this is not true because it’s different. QA and QC have same objectives but their task has been different. Some major points of QA and QC are followed.

Quality Assurance:

  • QA is a set of activities and tasks for ensuring quality in the processes by which products are developed in organization.
  • QA is doing collection of requirements, write specific documents and analyze client’s needs and requirements.
  • Create planning the techniques and strategies towards client’s requirement and software requirement documentation.
  • It is focused on planning, documenting, agreeing towards guideline.
  • Create planning of strategies, inspections and test plan, the selection of defect tracking tools and test management tools, and training of the people in the selected method and processes.
  • QA manages to ensure the approaches, techniques, methods and processes are designed for the projects are implemented correctly.
  • The process of managing the quality.
  • It is proactive quality process.
  • QA aims prevent defects within process used to make the product.
  • QA is improve development and test processes therefore defects do not arise when the product is being developed.
  • Verification is the best example of QA.
  • It is including process checklist, project audits and methodology, and standard development.
  • QA involved in before the projects, beginning of the projects, during the projects and end of the projects.
  • It contains managerial tool.

Quality Control:

  • QC is a set of activities and task for ensuring quality in the products.
  • It is focus on identifying defects on producing the actual products.
  • QC aims to identify defects in the finished products.
  • The term QC is used to identifying defects after the product is developed and before the product is released.
  • The activity and technique used to achieve and maintain product quality.
  • It is basically testing the product through testing principles, techniques and tools.
  • Validation is the best example of QC.
  • It contains corrective tool.
  • The process of checking the quality.
  • In the information technology, it consist test cases, test scenarios, test scripts.
  • It is reactive quality process.
  • It includes software testing and product testing.
  • It is used to verify the quality of output.
  • QC activities monitor that the project deliverables meet the defined quality strategies and standards.
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 The term Quality Assurance and Quality Control both are important to use in Quality checking and management. Both are used to implement to assure quality within products.



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