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Homework Assignments And Why Students Hate Them


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Every teacher has gone through the phase of moralizing students on their incomplete homework’s. Normally students take it as a norm in their academic routines. Despite a worldwide debate on pros and cons of homework, there remains a gap between learning and homework assignments, inspiring a resistance for completing homework in many children. Here are few top reasons that define this little rebellion;

 Perpetually Pointless

Limiting assignments to plain defined tasks, without leaving a space for kids to probe their imaginative play fields makes it equally dull and boring for kids across the globe. Asking students to complete their usual assignments which do not involve a sense of competition, puzzles, interaction with people (friends and families) or even group work is the leading prospect where kids don’t feel the need to do these tasks at all.

Most of the assignments are assigned for practice with almost no or very little research on the actual reasons to practice a specific task.For kids, applying skills is far heal their than just assuming knowledge. For example before teaching kids to calculate an area, they should be taught why it is important and where it will be applied. Homework assignments need to make a connection with the real world, so that kids can relate and anticipate the reasons to learn the information from TheForbiz.

One Cap Doesn’t Fit All

Every student has unique mind and different learning needs. Some students can be stuck with one assignment for days while it may be a matter of few hours for others. Schools mostly apply one assessment tool to all of them, which can induce an enhanced stress on some kids. This unfairness reduces the gist of home assignments and undermines their importance as a learning tool.Analyzing learning compatibility of different students can help in differentiating and identifying the optimum mode of homework for each kid.

A Tiresome Work Load

Most often class assignments don’t really take in to account the average time a student would need to complete it. This increases the load of assignments on a student, which in turn makes them skip the actual motive of learning the content. Sometimes this problem is also supplemented by the lack of immediate feedback from their class teachers. These tasks would only be helpful for kids if they can analyze their mistakes before moving onto the next one.   Another tier of this problem is the lack of homework plan by the teachers. A proper plan with daily completion routines and accommodating deadlines can have amazing repercussions in student’s performance. Most importantly, one cannot simply deny the fact that the children are under enormous burden of daily tasks and expectations and they simply lack time to relax.

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Even for kids going through the entire day requires a lot of motivation and energy. In most of the cases they have subject tuition, tons of extracurricular activities mainly sports or some clubs and that too almost daily. Such a tiring time table positions a kid under a ton of stress and homework assignments doubles it.



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