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How Do You Keep a Cancer Patient Happy?

Cancer Patient Happy

Most cancer patients today are treated as outpatients and do not need to go to the hospital. During this course, they often need help, support, and encouragement. When you get to know that your loved one has cancer, it’s overwhelming news. You may want to help, to support, to make them happy. But the question arises how? How do you keep a cancer patient happy? Well, you are in the right place. In this article, we will provide you with various valuable ideas to keep a cancer patient happy.

Spend more time with the cancer patient and observe how the cancer is affecting their routine life. Notice the things with which you can help them. How do you keep a cancer patient happy? Watch how your loved ones are responding to the various activities. Keep in mind that the situation may alter as the therapy goes on. Offering your help to what they need and cherish most is the best way to support them. Here are some fantastic ideas to keep a cancer patient happy.

Keep in touch:

  • Make sure your loved one knows that he is essential to you.
  • Show that you care about them, despite the changes in their capabilities or how they look.
  • Send short repeated notes and texts, or make brief, frequent phone calls.
  • ask a question
  • End the call or comment “I’ll be back soon” to continue
  • Call or set the best time to call your friends.
  • Talk to someone (caregiver) who can help them with daily care to see what they still need.

Be Normal:

Patients need love and care at this stage, but they also need to feel normal to continue their lives as usual. Avoid sympathy and pity. Instead, try to be more empathetic to the patient by behaving like any other time in life. The last thing the patient wants to hear is, everything will be okay.

Spent time with them:

Cancer is isolating. Try spending time with your friends. It’s a welcome diversion and helps feel like a primary focus of life before getting cancer.

  • Please be sure to call before visiting.
  • Schedule a visit that can also provide physical and mental support to them.
  • Instead of visiting long and frequent, visit short and regular.
  • Understand that not only do your friends not want to talk, they also don’t like being alone.
  • Offer to bring a meal so that your visit does not burden the caregiver.
  • You can share the music you enjoyed, watch your favorite TV shows, and watch movies.
  • You can read sections of books and newspapers, look up topics of interest online and summarize them for your friends.
  • If he wants, offer to take a short walk with your friends.
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Be a good listener:

Many are worried that they may not know what to say to people with cancer. Remember that the most important thing is not what you are saying but that you are willing to listen.

  • Listen to and understand the feelings of your friends.
  • Let them know that you are willing to speak whenever they want.
  • Or, if they don’t want to talk, let them know that it’s okay.
  • Listen without always responding. Sometimes a careful listener is what the person needs most.
  • Don’t tell them how strong they are. Even if they are sad or exhausted, they may feel the need to act strongly.
  • Do not give medical advice or opinions on diet, vitamins, herbal remedies, etc.
  • Respect their cancer treatment decisions, even if you disagree.

Help them in Duties and projects:

Find a way to help regularly. Plan the project and start the project only after discussing it with your caregiver. Include that person in projects, plans, and regular social work opportunities.

  • Get a to-do list.
  • Organize neighbours, colleagues and friends. So they can complete tasks regularly.
  • Particular websites can help with this.
  • Prepare lunch for them once a week. If your friend is receiving chemotherapy, ask what they want to eat.
  • Clean their house for an hour every week or twice a month,
  • Take care of your friend’s children, pets and plants.
  • Buy groceries. Go to the post office. Collect recipes, etc.

How to offer help:

Some people find it difficult to accept support, even when they need it. Don’t be surprised or hurt if your friends reject help. It’s not you. It’s about pride and their independence.

  • Provide emotional support through your presence and touch. Many are afraid to be a burden to their loved ones.
  • Provide a working idea of ​​what you can do to help before proceeding.
  • If your friend needs medical equipment or money for treatment, you can ask for donations or organize ways to collect money.

Give them gifts:

Find something small and practical that your friends need or enjoy. Think about how their typical day looks like and what it can improve a little. To always smile and laugh is a good thing, so find something fun for your friends.

Cancer survivors with strong emotional support tend to adapt better to cancer changes. Such patients have a more positive outlook and report better quality of life.

How do you keep a cancer patient happy? Remember, no matter how you decide to help. All the love and support you provide can make a big difference and can make them happy.

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