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How to Wear Moonstone Jewelry in Every Season?

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry a fascinating gemstone that can provide exciting healing and a metaphysical appearance. It has captivated cultures for millennia with its ambiance of enigma and its ethereal beauty. The colorful moonstone crystals are available in blue, white, pink, gray, yellow, multi-color, and even colorless hues. The meaning of this gemstone incorporates the energies of the Moon, which brings the abundance of fertility, love, and compassion. Let us learn about this gemstone jewelry in more detail and how you can wear this gemstone in different seasons.

In The Spring Season

Spring is the most exciting time with the departing cold breeze and warm summer rays to flaunt your accessories. It is time to wear your favorite floral prints and colorful jewelry outfits to stand out from the crowd. Everyone usually comes out of their cozy house and goes to experience the beauty of nature. The statement sterling silver Moonstone ring is a trending fashion game during this season. Along with it, you can pair the minimal pendant with a rose gold chain to add charm to the colorful spring outfits.

In The Summer Season

Summer is all about breezy clothes and boho ornaments to go funky and causal. Rose gold Moonstone rings in a contrasting color can be a perfect choice to give a vibrant and relaxed vibe to compliment the hot weather. Moonstone crystals are the essence of every summer wardrobe as they are perfect with causal party attires and sophisticated business outfits. Moreover, these crystals are helpful in bringing creative energies to open the innovative blockage of the mind.

In The Autumn Season

It is the season for getting cozy into your knitwear and scarves, as this season is a shift from warm summer sun to the chilly winter winds. Moonstone necklaces can be worn with your high necks and blazers, as they give a different appeal to your overall outfit. Shades like classic blue and white will give a bold and chic look. Adding the chunky ring would create a unique personal statement. Moreover, earrings with a necklace can give an elegant appearance.

In The Winter Season

Winter is a bit difficult to showcase the jewelry accessories due to many layering of sweaters, coats, scarves, and hats. However, nothing is difficult for fashion enthusiasts, as they can turn up their style game. Long earrings are the best friends for winter jewelry as they are the hottest trend in the winter season. Moreover, the studs earrings can also be simple and stunning as you can avoid entangling them with your outfit. Moonstone Ring is perfect for a festive or party look to leave the sparkle in the monotonous dimness of the winter season. They are the classy and luxury crystal enhancing the grace of the wearer.

Now Let us Know Some Healing Properties of Moonstone

The healing effects of this pebble have the possibility to support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This stone can protect the wearer and help light their paths. The high vibration of this gemstone can uplift the spirit of the wearer, improving the instinct power, calming emotional stress, and nurturing inspiration. Wearing this crystal will enlighten the person from the inside by instructing them on their inward journey. This gemstone has the ability to push out the negative energies making the wearer shine in all the phases of life.

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Where Do These Moonstone Crystals Come From?

Moonstone crystals are also known by the name of moon magic and are available worldwide, but the best-quality Moon-magic stones come from India and Sri Lanka.

Caring Tips for The Moonstone Crystal

It is essential to take care of this gemstone to make it work long last. After every wear, always clean it with water and keep it safely in a pouch to protect it from getting scratched. Then, once in a few days, Keep the stone under the Moon on the full moon day to take the energy from the Moon and get rejuvenated to give its incredible healing power. Also, never use any kind of ultrasonic cleaner or steamers to clean the stone because they can fade the gemstone’s colors.

Where to Buy the Gemstone From

The moon magic jewelry, which can be worn in all seasons, can be bought from Rananjay Exports, as they are the biggest manufacturer and hot seller of this gemstone silver jewelry. They have a manufacturing unit located in Pink city, India. This city is the leading stone setting for precious and semi-precious gemstones. The artisans there has the magic in their hands to create the best form of jewelry out of these raw stones. Moreover, you can even get raw moonstone jewelry as per your requirement. Even they render customized jewelry options for special orders. Apart from this, you can check out the handmade and casting collection of moonstone jewelry. So, explore now.



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