Let’s Beat the Summer Heat / Make Your Skin Love Summers


Tell me that you hate summers because we all do when it comes to the skin and makeup. Summer shuts down the whole personality, the tan, acne, dehydration, skin inflammation, eczema, and countless other dilemmas. No matter how much you invest in the best skin hospitals in Karachi or visit the best of any salons, lack of a proper skin care routine will let your glow away. Makeup and sweat clog pores of the skin. But with some of our help, you can hit the spotlight again.

Summer skin is hard to handle mostly for the oily skin category. Excessive skin oil blocks the skin and reduces the breathing capacity and makes it dehydrated.

Reduce The Thirst Of Your Skin:

The myth about oily skin that most of the people follow is that you do not need a moisturizer. Whether it is about the inner body hydration or the hydration for the skin you need to be a little more concern about the term HYDRATION. Let’s just talk about this a bit more briefly.

Water intake is obviously is and should be the most important hygiene throw out the day during summer. It makes your body and skin hydrated and keeps you away from the 80% of the skin problems but a moisturizer for the skin is also important no matter what skin type you share. It balances out the right amount of thirst of your skin.

Your Skin Needs Coating:

Watch out. We aren’t talking about coating your skin with makeup but yes a SUNSCREEN. Let me clear out a myth about the SPF present in the sunscreen, most of the people think that using a higher SPF creates makes it more effectual but the actual logic is that the SPF works with the skin tone you have. If you have lighter skin you tend to use a higher SPF rather if you are a dark tone you have to use a lighter SPF.

Sunscreen not only protects your tone but helps you to create a protective layer against the dirt and pollution and for a person living in Karachi a sunscreen is a ride or die!

Your Skin Needs Goodnight Wish:

In summer where you really do not want to layer of makeup, not even any skin preps cream during day time as your skin sweats A LOT. Night time is perfect for skin in summers to give some attention to.

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Skin experts suggest a night cream to be a must after your The 30s. And it is not a joke to be exact. A routine where you find no time for your skin throughout the day a little concentration at the night makes a big difference.

There’s is literally no need to have a luxurious night time routine follows by trillions of creams and serums. You just have to wash your face every time you hit the bed. And invest in a good night cream that is it.

Or even you can do a lot with your everyday household products that we call DIYs explaining below.


The most achievable yet budget-friendly skin care routine you can get is from some household products. And tell me that we have been listening to these totkas since our childhood from our mothers or grandmothers. But this is the time where we realize how important those pieces of advice were.

Starting off with the products that do wonders in summers for any skin type.

Aloe Vera:

As we talked about the DIY night routine aloe Vera actually does magic on your skin. It is an antioxidant that maintains the moisture of your skin, helps in reducing tan, and reduces acne. Just wash the face and apply the inner pulp of the Aloe Vera onto the skin and leave it overnight.


Yogurt in summer is so healthy to eat as it is light and is full of proteins and calcium that fulfills your diet routine. But an application of a tiny amount of yogurt onto your skin generates the right amount of moisture.

These two products are the go-to summer skin DIYs.

Color Psychology:

Something that we have never noticed but is really important a factor of psychology and brain work is the colors that we wear in summers. Wearing light colors in summer construct a soothing calm in one’s mind. So as for the skin. Light color treats your eyes and mind and with a happy and relaxing mind, your skin also feels good.

Summers are not that much of a bad season; you just have to deal with it. Drink as much of water or fresh juices as you can, follow a minimal makeup routine, wear light material and eye-pleasing colors and most of all be COMFORTABLE and happy!


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