Mobile App Development Cost in 2022

app development cost


There are millions of mobile apps are available on multiple app stores. This proves that there is an application for any usage. The mobile application gives leverage to users to perform any task in a few taps. Consumers have spent more than 156.5 billion dollars on mobile apps.

What is the cost of mobile app development? Possibly this is the first question that every brand or customer asks when they want to launch a mobile application. Every mobile app development project starts from the estimation of App development cost.

This article examines each factor that is important in the cost of app development. Furthermore, read the cost breakdown for a straightforward calculation and how you can reduce the cost.

Mobile App Development Cost in 2022

The cost of mobile application development can fall anywhere between hundreds of dollars it depends on multiple factors, for example, features, complexity, and type of the app. No one can exactly estimate the cost of application development.

The difference in cost of development is due to the factors that affect the app development cost. So how can you calculate the budget for your mobile app?

Let’s simply this, categorized the idea of your mobile app based on its complexity. A good starting point is to determine whether the app is highly advanced, simple, or moderately complex.

The cost of small app development with core features will be low, while highly advanced apps with intricate design and feature-rich enterprise apps will charge a lot of money. If you want to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) it will increase some cost. The time duration of building MVP will take a few weeks depending on the complexity of the app. Furthermore, if you want the app to launch on both iOS platforms and Android you have to invest a large amount in app development.

Calculating App Development Cost

What is the formula for calculating the cost of building an app?

To get a quick estimate multiply the hourly rates by total development time. The Formula is given below, this will help you to calculate the cost.

app development cost

The time duration of app development will directly depend on the features, design, size, and functionality of the app. You can set up the hourly rates according to your needs. If you hire freelance developers or in-house developers the region of the team will also affect the cost due to different countries.

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You can save the cost of your actual mobile app development by considering all these factors. To determine the ideal budget for your app, you should understand the various factors of mobile app development.  

Determining the App Development Cost

The idea or project makes unique the process of the mobile app development process. The marketplace app development company might offer you cost-based of different factors for example customizations, technical requirements, development time, and many more.

Therefore, it is important to understand the factors that affect development costs. Read the following determinants:

  • Platforms
  • Development partner and Engagement model
  • Design complexity
  • Features
  • Location of development partner
  • App maintenance and other additional costs

Let’s read each factor in-depth to know how to get estimated cost of app development.

Number of Platforms

Before starting the calculation of app development cost, first your need to mention what platform to build your app on iOS, Android, or both. It will help you to decide the development approach, whether the mobile app will be developed for cross-platform or native.

The development cost for a single platform will be less than the development cost for Android and iOS. However, this won’t be the same in every situation, the cost of the native app might charge you a lot again all depending on the complexity of the functionality of the app. So the initial cost will depend on the development hours and working hours of the marketplace app development company. If your want to develop a moderately complex app that works smoothly on both platforms then the cost of app development will get double.

End Notes

The mobile app development cost depends on multiple factors along with the idea of your app and the development process. If you want to get closer to the cost of your app development project consider all important parameters.


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