Seven Reasons to Visit Udaipur in the Rajasthan of India


The topic speaks of Udaipur as a “Venice of the East.” And by saving cultural distances and bypassing the lazy generalization of such comparisons, the qualifier can be used to describe this city in northern India. However, it is undoubtedly one of the most bewitching cities on the planet. Who visited it, knows it.

The sagacious traveler will discover in Udaipur an idyllic place of fascinating Rajasthan that seems more like a dream or a mirage than a real place: palaces of the Thousand and One Nights and temples whose silhouettes are reflected in the waters of lakes at the foot of green hills, bazaars Fascinating, sumptuous hotels in historic buildings that welcomed the proud Rajput nobility : a potion of seductive ingredients that well-shaken make up the most romantic cocktail you can taste in North India.

There are seven reasons why Udaipur deserves a visit.

Udaipur, the city of the sun on the shores of Lake Pichola.

1. The City Palace.

This complex of Versailles dimensions, composed of four sumptuously ornate palaces, evokes the glory days of the Sisodya dynasty (one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 6th century) of the Mewar principality. A legendary era in which Udaipur was its capital, as proud and indomitable as opulent, cultured and sensitive to the arts. The sunset from the Sunset View Terrace is a mandatory appointment.

2. The Lake Palace of Udaipur.

The Lake Palace or Jag Niwas, built about 250 years ago on the shores of Lake Pichola, is a dazzling white marble palace originally designed as a summer residence for the privileged prince, Jag Singh. Today it houses the luxurious floating hotel Taj Lake Palace.

3. Bazaars.

Udaipur, like Jodhpur and Jaipur, hosts fascinating bazaars in which you can admire and acquire artisanal objects of all kinds that have an ancient tradition and sometimes reach the category of small works of art. In the surroundings of the Jagdish temple, in the bapures of Bapu and Bara, you can buy replicas of the Mewar school miniatures, silver jewelry, enamels, lacquers, fabrics and embroidery … a feast for the senses.

4. The Oberoi Udaivilas.

The Indian chain Oberoi is synonymous with luxury in spectacular locations. The Udaivilas meets the formula here since 2002 to compete with the onerous and famous Taj Lake Palace for attracting the high-standing customer: luxury service, architecture and ornamentation with Rajput and mogul inspiration, lush gardens and fountains …; and all on the shores of Lake Pichola. A classic in the lists of the best hotels in the world.

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5. Heritage Hotels.

One of the pleasures of visiting India, especially when touring the Rajasthan, is to stay in one of its suggestive hotel-palaces. They are called “heritage”, hotel establishments in buildings of historical heritage. The Fateh Prakash in a good option in Udaipur, in the same palace complex of the City Palace.

6. Jagdish Send.

This temple, which is part of the City Palace complex, is the largest of the city’s Hindu creed temples and has a great artistic quality. Dozens of ascetics and Hindu shrines usually sit on their stairs, an emblematic image of India.

7. Ranakpur.

These Jain temples represent one of the greatest artistic treasures of Rajasthan. The complex was built with stone and marble in the fifteenth century about 100 km north of Udaipur. The temple of Adinath is one of the five sacred places of the Jainists, probably the largest and most complex temple in India (more than 4000 m² in area) and is considered a masterpiece of world art.

Udaipur travel guide.

Where it is: Udaipur is about 650 km southwest of Delhi in the Rajasthan region and protected by the Aravali Mountains.

Directions: In addition to the capital of the country, it is connected by air with other cities in Rajasthan such as Jaipur and Jodhpur.

When to go: The most pleasant temperatures are recorded from October to March. April and May are the hottest months (temperatures over 40º). The monsoon brings the rains between June and September and refreshes the atmosphere.

Festivals: Mewar Festival, in the months of March and April.


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