The 11 Strangest Products You Can Buy On Amazon


If you’re interested in the rarities marketed through the Jeff Bezos platform, today we review the eleven rarest products you can buy on Amazon today, from human skulls to toilet paper that glows in the dark.

It seems that it was in another life when Amazon began its journey as a digital bookstore. It was the year 1995, the headquarters was circumscribed to a humble garage and Jeff Bezos was about to baptize the project as Cadabra. However, the first seed of the gigantic empire was already germinating: only in its first month of operation, Amazon managed to sell books in 45 countries.

Today, more than twenty years later, he has greatly diversified his business model, Jeff Bezos is the richest person in modern history and the king of ecommerce brings together some 304 million users and 3,000 million products in eleven markets. Every day 1.3 million products are added to its catalog and only in our country one of every seven Euros spent online goes to the pockets of the platform.

In short, how far is left when Amazon aspired only to become a digital bookstore. Nowadays, the online giant sells everything from fresh food products to cars, electric scooters, Kindle devices, smart phones, fashion and beauty products or household appliances, among other things. If we distance ourselves from the more conventional products and focus on the oddities, these are the most peculiar and strange objects that are sold in Amazon.

11 Rare Products You Can Buy On Amazon

  • Bugs alive: Kyle James, founder of, revealed to the Huffington Post that you can get 1,356 live bugs for about $ 5. Many people buy them to avoid insect pests in their gardens, thus avoiding other alternatives such as pesticides and invasive chemicals.
  • Home cleaning, gardening or furniture assembly services: Although not yet available in Spain, Amazon Home Services allows you to hire professional people to work in your garden, assemble your furniture or make your purchase. The platform claims to have chosen the best service professionals for this home service market, launched in March 2015 and available in 25 cities. Users can view reviews and ratings of professionals, all insured and licensed.
  • Goat grazing service: If you need help to maintain your land, Amazon provides goat grazing services, as revealed by Amy Chang, an expert in saving lifestyles in Slick deals. The prices of the service may vary. Service professionals will review the requests and respond with estimates within a business day, although in Spain this is not possible for now.
  • Communion at home: If you cannot attend church, you can receive this sacrament at home thanks to Amazon and Fellowship Cup. For less than $ 17 you can get 100 cups of communions pre-filled with wafers and grape juice. Thanks to a seal, the believer accesses the wafer and the juice is released on his palate.
  • Niche collector’s items: Amazon is an inexhaustible mine for fans of productions such as Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. For example, it is possible to find replicas of the famous Star Wars light sabers for prices between 1,000 and 15,000 dollars.
  • Replica of fat: It is possible to buy a replica of a pound of human body fat on Amazon for approximately $ 18. Those people who wish to practice diet in a more original and entertaining way will be able to see how it is represented, how much it weighs and how fat is perceived. Actually, it is supposed to be a visual aid for teachers of disciplines such as medicine.
  • Real human skull: You can get a real human skull on Amazon for about $ 2,000. An object suitable for foreign collectors or science teachers who wish to surprise their students.
  • Cheap wedding products: The retailer sells a variety of wedding dresses with a range of prices ranging from 50 to 200 dollars. There are also many beautiful and low-cost DIY decoration kits, gifts for guests, cake decorations, invitations and, of course, engagement rings, with prices even below 1,000.
  • Coyote urine: In some places it can be used as a natural repellent for raccoons or other small predators. Four ounces have a value of about 8 dollars in Amazon.
  • Toilet paper that shines in the dark: Many people choose to buy toilet paper at Amazon since you can save up to 15% if you schedule regular shipments of products. However, the platform also highlights oddities such as toilet paper that shines in the dark – for a price of around $ 9 – or even Donald Trump toilet paper, designed for those who love the American tycoon less.
  • Delivery of monks: Believe it or not, it is possible to ask for a monk in Amazon if you live in Japan. Amazon Japan recently began providing monks to perform commemorative services for approximately $ 300, according to Forbes. The service was strongly criticized by the Japanese Buddhist Federation, but it has a lower price than the Japanese would pay to have a funeral in a temple.
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