Capturing the Fleeing Moments through a Candid Wedding Photographer in Kolkata


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Candid wedding photography is also defined as photo journalist wedding photography. It is a buzzword in the wedding photographic world. Every individual who is eager to make their auspicious day more special are in hunt of a professional wedding photographer. They want someone who would go beyond what traditional photographer can capture. With the advent of candid photography, you can get more alluring moments in your album.

The definitions-

The approach of candid photography is a style that won’t be distracting the subject while clicking the images. What they does, they try and capture the nature and expression which are not in pose. Readers should make a note that this is not secret photography.

In case of secret photography the subject is unaware and he or she does not even expect to get clicked. The term candid means truthful and straightforward. To romanticise a bit, it is the idea to capture the emotions and fleeting moments of two souls.

A positive experience of a life time-

A nuptial ceremony is a positive experience of a life time. Individuals want to remember this particular day till eternity. The best possible way to make it memorable is by hiring a professional candid wedding photographer in Kolkata. Candid photography is the best possible way to capture some of the most intense and passionate moments of your wedding. It is the occasion of togetherness and rejuvenation.

A surcharged ambience of gleefulness in a wedding ceremony-

An ambience in a wedding ceremony remains surcharged with mirth and jocund company. The task for a candid photographer is cut out. He needs to remain active and agile and should be aware of the moments that are created in a spontaneous manner.

Indian candid photography-

Indian candid photography is a conglomeration of traditional and contemporary style. You might be surprised by the statement, but this is true. Let us explain. As an Indian wedding is all about traditional rituals and age old customs, the photographer needs to capture all these important ritualistic session. Do not forget that a ritual in Indian weddings speaks volumes of characters and you cannot ignore them.

The uniqueness and subtle approach-

At the same he needs to do it in a unique and subtle. His creative surge should have an unexpected and sudden humour with the emotions in it. The entire task needs to get covered without even staging a scene. Hence there should be naturalism along with realism. Each and every image being captured should foretell an optimistic narration altogether.

The task of a candid photographer-

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The candid wedding photographer in Kolkata moves around the entire wedding area and gets involved with the group to catch glimpses of them. They will create a bond of camaraderie so that the individuals who has thronged in, gets a zone of comfort. As they tend to get along with the group, the photographer gets ready to capture the candid moments. It is a simplified art that and this particular work of art gets covered in their photographs.

A candid photographer can transform your boredom ceremony into a lambent one-

A proper candid photography can transform a ceremony of boredom into lively act. Specialising in this particular genre needs artistic aptitude and promptness. The photographer you have hired needs to a creative story teller and should curve out a niche of series of candid images in a narrative structure. The carefully crafted out shots should be capable of creating a deep impact of positivity over you.

Revisit the chromatic day by turning back the pages your CANVERA album-

You can revisit your candid moments over and over again while you turn the pages in your album. The photographs will let you remember the exact moment and will take you to the yesteryear when you were bidding your hay days. Time flies away but moments remain with you if captured in the correct manner. A candid wedding photographer in Kolkata should create moments if he is not being able to capture spontaneous actions.

Reflection of the elegance and sense of humour posed by both bride and groom-

The most vibrant part of shooting candid moments is it reflects the elegance and the sense of humour posed by both the bride and the groom. The gaiety of the entire wedding captured by the candid camera reminds you of the excitement. The extravaganza and the delight you had on your big day will be remembered yet again.

About the company-

PIXONOVA, takes pride to let you know that we have covered in several exotic locations in India, and are ready to travel abroad to let your wedding turn out to be eternal, memorable and everlasting. Book us now for capture the best moments of your wedding.


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