5 Tips to Buy the Best Watch in Smartphone Times


Many have taken their smartphone as the best ally to see the time, but a large number of watch brands have found an opportunity

Why would you buy a watch? There are several reasons why women and men have turned to see the showcases with the latest trends in timekeeping. What is your reason? Status? Style? Complement? Trend? Custom to feel an object that gives you the time? In recent years there has been an increase in watch sales. Here it is necessary to point out that only a segment of the population, young people, tends not to wear any type of watch. Brands – just a few – have implemented new strategies to attract that audience. They do it through design or materials, such as steel, which allow for affordable prices.

Could it be that we are taking an awareness of style as a fashion statement? Yes, but we also feel special attraction to the complications, mechanics and entrails of a watch.

Many have taken their mobile as the best ally to see the time, but this is no longer valid when we have a large number of brands that have found in Mexico a good place to do business, to surprise the fans of the hands and many collectors demanding.

There are some criteria to choose a watch, either the first or one that you want to add to your collection. Before buying check the following:

1. Set your budget.

Part of how much money you want to allocate to the purchase, then make a wish list of possibilities and discard until you reach “your watch”. If you are thinking of starting a small or large collection, it would be good to choose pieces with brand strength, reissues with history and solidity of the watch house. Stay away from brands with a good marketing product, but with little mechanical support.

2. Define when you will use it.

If we talk about watches as part of personality and style, you are wrong if you think that all watches fit on any occasion. Here are topics of materials, dimensions of the box, colors, straps and design on the cover.

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How are you going to dress? If you will wear a suit, my recommendation is an elegant and sober watch, with a discreet look. They are regularly simple, clean and readable at first sight and with a slim body. Although sometimes things are done that go against the rules and the result is spectacular, all part of the personality that defines us. Dare and mark your style with provocative touches.

3. How about the size?

Let’s stop rodeos, because size does matter. A man with a very small doll, even if he dreams of a Panerai or brands that are distinguished by large dimensions, will not achieve a good result. The complexion, both of women and men, will determine what looks best. Some think that, if you are of thin complexion, a circular clock might be the perfect choice, and if you are of robust complexion, a rectangular square dial provides right angles.

4. And the materials?

Used in a certain range of watchmaking are hypoallergenic. First question: what do you like? Gold, silver, bicolor, ceramic, PVD, diamonds, resins, steel, rubber … Think about what you want. The brands give us surprises. Some think of gold or platinum for a more classic look, but there are spectacular titanium and ceramic specimens, even in steel, such as Piaget’s Polo S. The belt also plays an important role.

Skin in damp places? Forget this. It is better to choose a rubber of excellent quality. Some brands offer a piece with versatility in straps; That would be a good option, because you have two variations with a single box. Never sacrifice comfort, because you will end up stopping using your watch.

5. Let’s talk about durability and maintenance.

Are you going to enjoy the purchase, but do you also think about the generations to come? To understand the maintenance commitment – you don’t save yourself from that – you should keep in mind that a mechanical watch, both manual and automatic, needs cleaning every three years, but its life is almost infinite. On the other hand, those of quartz that work with batteries should receive service every time you change the battery (from two to five years). The disadvantage of a quartz is that, many times, if they break down, they can hardly be repaired. That does not happen with a mechanic; It is as immortal as the jellyfish Turritopsis nutrula.

These are just some tips; However, look for the experience. Approach a jewelry store where sellers are trained to explain the technical aspects. Try it, feel the weight and shape. Remember that a watch will be an accessory that, in addition to completing your style, will also be an emotional companion that can transmit passion to your children and, why not ?, to your grandchildren.


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