Travel Packing Hacks To Change The Way You Pack Better


I am very type A when it comes to packaging. I have to have things that way organized and I always want to have a lot of space to buy, so I never pack too much. I’m pretty good at packing and I wanted to share my Travel Hacks Packing with you!

1. When traveling by hand, wear heavy clothing during your journey:

Something common sense, but if you wear boots or sneakers, you should use them during the flight. Keep your jacket on the flight. Only these two things take up a lot of space in a handbag with wheels. Wear a sweater? Take him to the airport. It’s cold anyway!

2. Leave the hair tools at home:

I know some people think they need curlers and hair straighteners, but I swear that natural hair always looks good. Try surf spray instead. What I do is to sprinkle on my hair and lay it in a loose knot. I’m just sleeping like that. It saves me a lot of time never having to comb my hair.

3. Keep your shoes closed:

I can not stand to see the dirty travel shoes in my luggage. I use old cotton handbags. I use the same for my dirty clothes. When the trip ends, I turn it over and wash it with the rest of the clothes.

4. Use my beauty travel hacks:

I wrote a post about all of my beauty hijacks and put all my favorite little makeups and how to make perfume free to travel. Take a look: Travel to beauty hacks so you can see how to use less personal care products and keep your luggage fresh!

5. Additional Portfolios:

I try not to carry an extra bag, but I often want to do this to have different colors. If you have a very soft leather case with you, simply crush it. If you’re taking a structured bag, it’s better to fill it with things and leave room. I usually wear my sunglasses and toiletries that do not fit in my toilet bag.

6. Handle your cables and chargers:

Especially with Mac chargers, it is very important to treat them well, as they are known to break at the seam of the cable with the large white surge protector on the cable. You should also carefully wrap and store your cables.

I use a nice bag that I have or sometimes a small pail. I keep my technical stuff in a small bag. If your charger starts breaking the plastic sheath of the cables, use the self-supporting rubber I tried on my old charger. Just screw it around the cable where it breaks and let it rest for a few minutes. It works like magic and it is really cheap. I take a little of it in my technology kit.

7. Start with light luggage:

The best way to avoid paying overweight fees is to start with light luggage. IT luggage is one of the lightest there is and I can confirm that it is really good luggage. The old luggage your grandparents passed could also be thrown away, it’s so hard! You may also want to use a backpack. In this case, it is a publication in which cases and backpacks are compared.

I’m looking for lightweight luggage that looks good, that can stretch, that has wheels on all 4 wheels and that the design has taken the organization into consideration.

8. Liquids stay together:

I know you want to put your mini-contact solution and lotion in your wallet, maybe a little facial detergent and face lotion to cool off in the side pocket of your carry-on … but on the safety line, it’s a pain, things not together and light to have access. When packing, remember these things to avoid stress and discomfort.

9. Laptop security:

You should not put your laptop in a soft handbag and throw it in the overhead compartments. People are not careful when they drop their things and turbulence can move things and fall when they open. I have a rigid 19-inch Delsey case that offers a special place for laptops. Of all the carry-on luggage I’ve had, this is the BEST I’ve found. If it ever breaks, I’ll buy it again.

10. Heavy things are approaching the wheels:

When you pack your bag, you may not think about what happens if you put it on the wheels. Keep heavy objects near the wheels and even tilt them so that they stand upright when rolling, not the other way around.


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