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In the skate you can do what you want, the search is totally personal and will evolve to the maximum according to your abilities. If you want to be able to flow on a skateboard it will take time, we do not assure you that it is easy but if we can assure you that you will have an amazing time and can find a new trick on Shralpin.com will feel so special that you will want to go for the next one.

Stance: It’s not a trick but it’s going to help you a lot to move forward with this tutorial. As surfers do, you must stand up and ask someone to push you in the back. The first foot that you support to keep the balance is the one that should go forward when you walk on skate.

The key to all balance is having a good speed, so the best thing you can do to practice it is simply to get on and walk. Having your STANCE defined, you only need a flat floor to practice flying and begin to master the turning movements. You can also use streets with a little slope in case you are not yet very good at walking down, kicking (take flight) and keep going.

Here are the basic tricks to start your journey in the world of skateboarding:


The ollie is the most basic movement and it opens the way to other tricks. Sticking hard back with one foot and at the same time, not so much, passing the other foot forward to control the movement of the board seems to be easier to read than to do.

Frontside or FS:

The basic movement of the ollie has its first variation adding a 180 degree turn. How? Easier than it seems. If you rotate Front side or Backside gives exactly the same (the idea is that over time dominate both) something key to achieve a good movement is to rotate both your lower and upper train, so the movement will come out more harmonious and effective. If it is FS, it turns with the shoulder outwards; if it is BS it turns with the shoulder inwards.

You climb the board, the back foot must hit the board on the ground and push it slightly forward or backward, (Fs shovit or Shovit) the front foot does nothing but raise with the jump, wait for the moment exactly to step on the board and stop the turn of this.

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The emotion generated by falling for the first time a flip is incomparable! It is one of the moments in which you affirm that skateboarding is what you will love the rest of your life.

To do it you have to follow the same steps of the OLLIE, the difference is that in this case the scraping foot must leave the table with a diagonal movement, then return to put the foot inside and complete the trick.

Combine tricks:

Already having knowledge of these basic tricks and if you master some, the next thing is infinity. The combination of possible tricks based on what we showed you before literally has no end. Flip with Backside, Flip with Frontside, Frontside 360, Shovit with Flip, Shovit 360 with Flip and so we can be all day naming tricks.

Remember that this is a very basic tutorial, but it can be very helpful to be able to take your skate to the maximum.



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