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7 Recommendations to Travel to Japan and Enjoy Its Landscapes


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Japan is a country that has a lot of tourist places with great attraction throughout the year, there is something to please all tastes and you will always get something that can surprise you if you visit it, from Buddhist temples full of magnificence, ancient trade routes, very fun and innovative themed coffee shops, gardens designed millimeter by millimeter and much more.

The gastronomic delights are not left aside, but this wide range of options can confuse you and you do not know which of all the alternatives is the one you should choose, that’s why we are going to give you some recommendations to travel to Japan and enjoy its landscapes so that You can make the choice easier and faster.

What places should you visit in Japan?

Here we bring you a list with the best cities throughout the Asian country, these can serve as a framework or starting point for you to start one of the most interesting trips you will make in your life.

1. Nikko

A small city nestled right next to the mountains of Tochigi Prefecture, is a place of great tourist and cultural interest, considered one of the most important in the whole country. The main attraction is the Tokugawa Shrine, but it also has other places full of charm that you should not miss such as the Futarasan Shrine and the Kanmangafuchi Abyss.

Near these is in Edo Wonderland Park, a thematic place that was created with the purpose of transporting tourists in time taking them to the medieval era of Japan hundreds of years ago, the entrance can be somewhat expensive, but it is worth it Make the expense.

2. Shirakawago

It is a small town that is located in one of the many valleys of Gifu Prefecture, it has gained recognition among tourists thanks to its incredible artisanal constructions, they are known under the name of Gassho Zukuri, a style of residences that were specially designed to withstand the heavy snowfall that the area suffers during the winter. It is an excellent place to know what traditional life in Japan used to be like.

3. Okinawa

These are islands that are located only 2 hours away from Tokyo, the great Asian capital, technically they are part of Japan, but they really are managed as a completely independent country, if you want to know more about its incredible history while enjoying from a beach vacation, you must spend a few days here.

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4. Kobe

It is a city that is located between the sea and Mount Rokko, and in recent years it has gained a lot of popularity with tourists due to its veal. Usually tourists traveling on the bullet train to go from Osaka to Hiroshima do not get off at this place, but if you have the time to do it, do not hesitate so much, it is worth spending at least a whole day to enjoy Its extensive gastronomy.

5. Nagasaki

In this city is one of the main ports of the southernmost island in all of Japan, as is the case of Hiroshima. It also has its own peace memorial and a large number of shrines and temples that you should visit without any doubt.

Among the most popular is the sanctuary linked to Confucius, a legendary Chinese character. Also, if you are one of those who love urban exploration and want to visit ruined structures full of beauty, incredible stories you have to spend a few days here and take a look at Gunkanjima.

6. Shikoku

Japan is made up of 4 large islands apart from Okinawa, Shikoku is the smallest of all, so it is the least visited; however, it has an endearing and unique charm that deserves greater recognition from tourists. Among the best known areas of the entire island is the beautiful route of the 88 temples, which are spread along the entire perimeter of the region, it is a pilgrimage that involves a long walk of several days to visit them all.

Another great attraction is the Iya Valley and its incredible bridges of life; it is an area so remote that some have called it the Japanese Tibet.

7. Osaka

If you visit Osaka it is law that you must attend Dotonbori and the Shinsaibashi Gallery, two of the main commercial areas of the entire city. In this part of the region you will not find many traditional street food stalls, typical fair games, nor can you stop going to the large Glico light sign next to the bridge.

Japan is a country full of wildlife, history, a great culture and cities full of modernity, without a doubt it has many places to meet, visit and fall in love.



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