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How to Find a Student Accommodation near Macquarie University as an International Student

Student Accommodation near Macquarie University

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Being an international student in Australia, you’d be eager to make the most out of this experience. However, one of your primary concerns should be to find suitable student accommodation. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to find a place that best suits your preference and budget.

There is a vast variety of options available for the accommodation of international students near Macquarie University. If you wish to stay connected to all the amenities, you can find suitable options here.

The below tips will help you find a student accommodation near Macquarie University that caters to your budget and needs.

Know Your Options

Do you prefer to live solo or like to share your living space with others? Australia offers several accommodation options for international students to work with every personality. Ensure that you are aware of the choices available near Macquarie University.

Some of the types of student accommodations include:

  • Homestay
  • Self-Catered apartment
  • Share houses
  • Private rentals

Each of these options has its specific pros and cons. You can choose the one that best aligns with your preference.

Make Use of Resources

As an international student, you may be new to the city with minimum contacts. However, thanks to various resources, it is now easier to find good student accommodation. One of the best online resources is the real estate websites of the city.

You can find better results by filtering your search with specific property types, facilities, and much more. Another valuable resource can be your university. Macquarie University provides a list of off-campus residences. You can connect with them to locate the right place for you.

Ideal Location

It always helps if your accommodation is situated in a well-connected locality. You may require it to be closer to transport facilities to ensure that your daily travel is hassle-free.

The more amenities available, the better it is for you. Ensure that the local area has places that you wish to visit regularly for your needs or recreational purposes. These may include:

  • Grocery stores and shopping centres
  • Bus stops and train stations
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Public library
  • Community facilities
  • Fitness centres
  • Public parks or natural attractions

Student-Friendly and Safe Area

You cannot overlook this crucial aspect while choosing your student accommodation. Make sure to do your research about the locality well ahead. You can find out if there are any efficient security systems and measures available.

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Student accommodations are generally located in areas that have a higher concentration of student population.  You can talk to other students to know about the safety and general liveability of that area. Locals can also provide valuable help in understanding the locality better.

Be Aware of Various Costs

Sticking to your budget as a student is essential to meet all your study and living expenses. Before you zero in on student accommodation, make sure that you fully understand the various costs involved.

Be aware of the additional expenses that are necessary besides your rent. While it may vary, this usually includes internet costs and electricity bills.

It is crucial to find the right student accommodation as an international student. There are several accommodation options available near Macquarie University. You can find good student-friendly options here to suit your needs and make your study experience much smoother.



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