Interior Designer Jobs in India: Job Role, Requirement and Career Scope


Interior designing is a suitable career for those who have an artistic outlook and passionate about design and drawings. Interior designer jobs are lucrative career profiles in today’s time in India. Interior designers are assigned the responsibility of designing and changing the interiors of homes, commercial places, hotels, offices, hospitals etc. to a more pleasant and aesthetic appearance. Basically, the candidate should have the necessary skills and qualification to convert ordinary looking interiors to a more beautiful and aesthetic look. Interior designer jobs in India are in great demand with the exponential growth of real estate sector where interior designers are required almost on a continuous basis.

Job Role in Interior Designer Jobs

  • Developing, managing, and recording technical aspects of the project
  • Conceptualize and developing designs taking into considerations building regulations, planning, space etc.
  • Making sketches, designs and drawings of interiors either by hand or by software
  • Preparing and presenting design presentations
  • Presenting interior design ideas as per client needs
  • Getting client approvals
  • Create estimates and schedules to complete projects
  • Work with clients to define project requirements

Essential Requirement in Interior Designer Jobs

Most companies prefer to hire candidates with proper professional interior designing qualification for Interior designer jobs. There are many interior designing institutes offering professional certification or diploma courses in interior designs. Over the years, interior designing has become more specialized and companies prefer candidates with academic and professional background. Studying architecture before specializing in interior design offers more lucrative growth prospects. A bachelor’s degree in architecture or design gives a better job role in interior designer jobs. There are many companies who prefer candidates with interior designing experience, irrespective of academic qualification. Proficiency in programs like as PhotoShop, AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, 2D/3D software, InDesign, Illustrator are very essential.

Other requirements

Strong organizational and communication skills are very essential to be successful in interior designer jobs. More than academic qualifications, candidates need to be creative, need to have an eye for design, need to have interests in colors, designs, shapes and styles. In modern India, interior designing has opened up many new avenues and many new prospects.

Interior Designer Jobs Availability

Interior designers are hired either by private individuals or by companies. There are many areas where interior designer jobs are in demand. These include:

  • Homes, residences, accommodation, flats, villas or any other accommodation
  • Workplaces and offices, conference halls
  • Temporary exhibition designs
  • Interior designing in museums, art galleries
  • Commercial places, retail shops,shopping malls, banquet halls
  • Factories, warehouses
  • Cinemas, theatres
  • Hotels, restaurants, pubs
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals, nursing and care homes, and private clinics and so on
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Career and scope

Once you complete the interior designing course from any recognized institute, you can very well kick start your career as an intern first. And then you join a company as an executive, moving over to senor and management level as a full-fledged professional interior designer. At the initial phase, interior designer jobs may be hard because it takes time to build reputation but once that phase is over, the career prospects are great. You can be associated with leading companies/architecture/interior design firms and move to positions as project heads or you can start your own interior design company and take on various different projects. The retail boom has led to an exponential growth in interior design jobs in India. Between 2008 and 2018, the interior design employment has grown in the country. To be successful in interior designer jobs, there is the need for a right combination of designing, networking, marketing, and selling. Such jobs are fun and creative and are not at all monotonous. As every single client has different expectations, an interior designer has to keep changing his design ideas, which keep the job interesting, and there are different options which an interior designer can specialize in.


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