Successful Entrepreneurial Children Who Give Us a Lesson in Entrepreneurship


During the last years we have been able to realize that age is not an impediment to be an entrepreneur and start a business that is profitable, despite this it is a bit extravagant to think that a child can reach this level, but the truth is that thanks To their fresh mindset, without prejudice and creative they have innovative ideas that work perfectly in the market.

In this post we will talk about successful entrepreneurial children who give us a lesson in entrepreneurship, if they, at their young age and with all the difficulties that this entails, can move forward and see results, you can look for the motivation and the means to do it too.

Enterprising children who have achieved success

The profiles that we are going to show you below will leave you pleasantly surprised, it seems impossible that children from just 9 years old are able to have such a promising and economically profitable vision, but all these stories a reality that can fill you with inspiration to take a step towards what you really want in your life.

Henry Patterson

He is often recognized as the youngest entrepreneur in the world, others as a serial entrepreneur, the latter is because with less than 9 years old he has managed to set up 3 different businesses. Motivated by his father, this little mixes the fun with the seriousness of creating a company.

The first of all his ventures was to sell bags with manure, then following the same sales theme, he decided to try his luck in the online field, selling used items from the eBay platform.

Thanks to the funds he raised in both projects, following the same steps used during the second, his third business was based on the sale of sweets through the internet under the name No before tea. It gives a clear example of marketing in a simple phrase; nobody knows the tastes of children better than a child.

Maddie Bradshaw

This 10-year-old girl managed to create a very original product that became the rage of many children and teenagers. She attended school in Dallas Texas daily, one day she noticed that her school locker looked very boring, and made the decision to decorate it in a rather ingenious way.

He made some abstract drawings on the tops of the soda bottles, attached them to a magnet and created different designs by placing them on the door of the locker. Several of his colleagues surprised with the novel idea commissioned designs to his liking and thus began a small business with the decorative spiers.

Little by little they came up with new accessories with the same technique, until they reached Snao Caps, the name that distinguishes their products. Such was the shock that a local toy store agreed to buy a small batch, and seeing that all products were sold the same day he received new orders, and so little by little his business was growing, with only 14 years he had at least 50 workers making designs

Ana Tselevich

If you have children, little brothers or nephews, you have probably noticed that children have a slight obsession to play with the boxes, sometimes they find them more fun than the same toys, because Ana noticed the same thing, it all started when her parents bought a new refrigerator and she created a playhouse with the box where it was packed, spending whole days decorating it.

This small creative assault he had at 4 years of age was evolving until 8 years later he became Box-o- Mania, his own company. The star product of this brand consists of a house for children that they themselves can assemble when it is manufactured with a very light corrugated plastic.

The creativity and vision of this little girl is not only reflected in the creation of the product itself, but in the different designs they offer for other children to let their imagination run, something she personally supervises.

Brandon Whale

This little boy at 9 years old was the creator of Needle Beetle or Needle Beetle, sewed in a case or cover with the shape of a beetle that serves as a toy where you can hide the syringe, thus preventing smaller children get scared when giving an injection.

In one of his visits to the hospital, Brandon noticed that most children usually burst into tears at the time of applying a vaccine or blood collection, it occurred to him that if instead of seeing the needle they saw a toy they would have fun and they would be distracted, making the situation less stressful and easier for nurses.


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