Tips To Correctly Calibrate Your TV and Enjoy Video Games


When we choose to buy a TV many times we do it based on the external appearance, we also opt for the image quality that is shown when it is exposed in the exhibition space. This analysis would serve to enjoy the electronic device as a very limited consumption tool. It would solve the situation if we bought a TV to watch movies or images that do not require a response from the user.

If we acquire a television exclusively to enjoy video games, we must take into account a series of considerations that go far beyond such a simple analysis. To start, we have to overcome an initial dichotomy: TV or monitor? The two large groups differ mainly in the type of panel they mount and especially in their size.

The television is intended to be located in a domestic location such as the home dining room, and is primarily designed to offer superior image quality with many post processing image filters that provide a clearly superior quality; but intentionally falsified.

The monitors, meanwhile, are used for a much more specific or professionalized purpose, such as personal computers or tasks related to image editing.

Based on our concerns or needs, and in relation to the space we have, we will have to opt for one or the other. As we have already mentioned, television will provide us with better image quality and better customization options, while the monitor will offer us a much cleaner image with a shorter response time. That is, the time that will pass between we press a button and the action appears on the screen.

How to correctly calibrate your TV or monitor to play

A consideration to consider especially if we enjoy video games on our screen. The response time is measured in milliseconds and the technical specification of the TV or monitor should be consulted, looking for the lowest possible.

Electronic leisure has diversified enormously, becoming a means of consumption practically essential in many homes. The social insertion of videogames has been possible thanks in part to Sony, which through its PlayStation has managed to retain many customers. Its most recent console, the PlayStation 4 has followed a commercial commitment worthy of appearing in the White’s Book with more than 70 million units sold.

As we have already mentioned, there are customers who specifically ask for a screen to enjoy video games, and after choosing the one that suits their needs or economic capabilities, you have to enter a new universe that is called calibration. This refers to adapting the different aesthetic parameters of the image so that it is displayed as close to the reality that the creator of the content wanted to represent.

Main elements

There is calibration parameters based on movie viewing, graphic design techniques, sports viewing … but the one that interests us is the one that is related to video games.

Below we offer an analysis in relation to the parameters that we must apply to our monitor or television to enjoy video games correctly:

  • The first element that we normally find is the backlighting; this parameter should be configured on an approximate scale of 80% of a total of 100. If the TV offers us a capacity of 100 as maximum lighting it is advisable to leave it at 80.
  • Then we find the contrast, an element that refers to the difference in light between the whitest shade and the darkest shade of the image. You have to set it to 90 out of 100.
  • The third element is color, a segment that refers to the intensity and the entire color of the image. It should be positioned in half, between 50 and 55, according to the particular tastes of each user.
  • The color is followed by sharpness, an element that must be set between 0 and 20 of the total capacity of the TV. It serves to provide the definition image, it is one of the most decisive points in relation to offering a clean image. As for the tone or tone – which generally ranges from warm, cold and normal – it is better to opt for neutral.

These would be the main and basic parameters of all panels or televisions.

Other items to consider

After fixing these adjustments we will find a series of options that pivot in relation to dynamic contrast, the increase in color or certain image post processing filters that embellish and distort what you want to represent.

If we want to enjoy video games, it is very important to disable them to minimize response time and improve interaction with the panel. Image interpolation, which is called “Motion Plus” or “Motion Flow” must also be disabled.

These are the main points that will help us visualize a clean image, improving the visual performance of our consoles. If you are looking for some adjustments adapted to the specific device, you will find them in several specialized pages by searching for the model.

The information will not differ in excess of what has been explained here. To play!

We want to be useful and that these tips to correctly calibrate your TV allow you to fully enjoy video games.

Do you notice any changes? Do you know more tips to correctly calibrate your TV and enjoy video games? Share it in the comments. Contribute your knowledge; we will love to read them!


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