What is the Marketing for New Entrepreneurs


If you are thinking of opening your own secure business, you have doubted what marketing is for new entrepreneurs, what you should and should not do, your best options if you are starting in this world and much more you are in the right place, here we go to give you all the advice you need to get off to a good start and that you succeed in the first moment.

Why use marketing if I am a new entrepreneur?

Using marketing when you are a newly released entrepreneur does not differ too much from that used by experts, it is a generalized trend in the world of services and business, it consists of carrying out a series of activities that result in making known and Promote your brand or company in a correct and well planned way.

It is a demanding context; it requires that the person who wishes to use it carry out some studies and analysis regarding the market. On the other hand, you should apply the best techniques for your particular case, in this way you will be making sure to reach potential customers faster in an attractive way, showing what are the benefits you offer.

When using this tool, the idea is to be able to channel the efforts you will make, those that are necessary to position the product or service you offer in an effective way. The idea is that you make sure that you are achieving the following:

  • Learn to promote yourself and position yourself in an acceptable place.
  • Identify what are the trends and demands of the market you drive.
  • Develop some guidelines regarding the quality of what you are offering.
  • Know what are the demands and expectations that customers have regarding you.

What is the importance of knowing the way the market moves?

You should not forget that markets are made up solely of consumers, each of them with different preferences, therefore they will value differently to a specific product or service, so it is very important as an entrepreneur that you identify each of they, know your clients as directly as possible, in this way you will learn little by little to capture their attention using their particular tastes in your favor.

Types of marketing that new entrepreneurs can use

The types of marketing are varied, but only some can be used by novice entrepreneurs, mostly because there are some techniques that will not work unless you have been in the market for a long time and have a considerable number of fixed clients. The marketing procedures you can implement are the following:

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Corporate or business

This establishes a marketing plan, but from inside the company, mainly empowering its employees and employees, in order to improve their productivity while creating good relationships with customers.


It is a technique that has been designed exclusively to show potential customers everything related to your products or services, what you do, how to acquire them can benefit you and more, so that you decide to try it. In general, the way to operate this marketing is by sending samples or detailed information along with personalized assistance.

Of destinations

It is directed towards the effort that the localities put into strengthening their personal image; this is done through representatives in specific places such as bars, restaurants, hotels or companies that offer certain types of services in said locality to attract a greater demand.


It is that interactive system that occurs between the company and customers; this can be through one or several media to generate a response that is measurable by the latter. It can be carried out in the following ways:

TELEMARKETING: a technique where telephones are used, sending the company’s commercial message to the public that it aims at.

WEBINARIES: consists of contacting clients directly from live connections, with a clear audience where the business or products are presented in detail.

MAILING: is a method used in direct marketing, where email or ordinary is used as a means of commercial communication, sending messages to all types of audiences.


Techniques that use only the Internet or social networks are used, offering information simultaneously or massively to all types of public.

Search engines created by SEO specialists help facilitate a good brand positioning, in a way that is efficient and productive.

The techniques known as Social Media Marketing 2.0 are a whole online management that is managed only through the official social networks of the company to become promotion and marketing, also to offer the products or services to followers and potential customers worldwide.


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