5 ideas to have extra money to finish the year well


Earning extra money through additional work can help you have the opportunity to develop new skills, have your personal brand and achieve more freedom.

Go ahead and start a business, look for a new hobby or look for an extra job that will generate some more money that will allow you to make your dream come true at the end of the year with some savings.

Making more money and organizing properly can be one of your biggest concerns to cover all your needs, especially if you have financial commitments. Because of this, you must evaluate what your skills are and get the most out of it, so that you earn extra money to your income and save for the future.

What prevents you from earning extra money?

It is very important to earn money, but also to know how to save so that you never lack. To start you must reduce some expenses and if you have decided to do something extra, don’t make any more excuses:

  • If you do not have internet, you can teach courses, help in moving or make meals for others, placing your ads in supermarkets or stores around you.
  • Age is not an inconvenience, since to sell your creations, take care of children or pets, get involved in various market studies or give courses, it is not necessary to be so young.
  • If you have little free time when leaving work, while you come in the transport you can conduct surveys, write or cook from time to time if they make an order.
  • Children have to spend time, if in your case you have them, you can expect them to be sleeping or in some other occupation to take advantage of that time do some crafts if you have the skills, write articles, fill out surveys, read paid emails or make cakes .

Tops of 5 ideas to have extra money at the end of the year

Fortunately for you, there is a wide list of activities to have an extra income, without having to invest too much time, you just have to motivate yourself and have the will to make an effort and thus grab the end of the year without any worry.

Next, I will show you several ideas that could help you to earn money from your home, with your car, online, among others, spending little time and without affecting where you live. No matter what your case, surely one of these ideas will help you motivate yourself to perform an additional activity that can give you an income that improves your life.

1. Rent a space in your house

If you own a property, not only can you earn extra money by renting a room, you can also do it by renting:

  • The garden to make a garden or to place advertisements for advertising posters.
  • The roof of your house to a certain company that needs to place solar panels.
  • A room for students and tourists or the whole house while you travel.
  • Some space that can serve as a stage to watch movies or television series.

2. Kitchen for close people

Do you like it and have the skills to cook? This is the opportunity to have an additional income. You can simply make rich and simple menus for other people on request. You can offer it to your neighbors, coworkers, place ads in your area or publish your specialties on the web.

In this last medium, amateur chefs who make homemade and delicious meals can be contacted for that public that does not like fast and unhealthy food. So be encouraged to place your dishes by portions or menus and do not forget to announce tempting prices and if possible additional desserts.

3. Work as a mysterious customer

It’s very simple, since you only have to impersonate a normal client. The companies that are dedicated to this type of service can be hotels, shops, commercial chains, supermarkets, restaurants or luxury brands among others, all of them have the objective of evaluating the competition and the image they have in their companies or services. When you do your job and evaluate the trade, you will only make a report to receive your payment.

4. Test web pages

You can work testing the websites and receive a payment for that. Here you must express your opinion, just saying what you think is right or wrong in terms of usability, interface, elegance and the appearance of the web. The best thing is that it does not require particular conditions, having a webcam and a microphone will be enough. To happen that it is a job that has enough demand, from time to time to perform these tests you don’t mind earning extra money.

5. Write texts or articles

If you like to write, this is a great idea for you. There are many websites that can hire you to write about various topics and in turn pay you for doing so. You can do it from anywhere, through your Smartphone in your free time.


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