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5 Free Online SEO Courses to Learn From Home


If you are starting in the world of SEO, you are interested in starting first with the tutorials, online courses and webinars that Google makes available for free. I have compiled some of the best online courses you can do from home.

We could define SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the set of actions necessary to optimize a certain web page before a series of Google search results. We could define it that way, or a thousand and one more ways: in fact, SEO is not a single thing, but rather it is a concept that encompasses many tasks related to the end of the day, however, with positioning a result in A search engine.

In general, SEO always goes hand in hand with Google search: with more than 70% market share, the Mountain View Company is the most used search engine on the planet. That is why anyone who wants to optimize their website against users’ searches, the first thing they think about is improving their positioning in Google.

But, where to start? If this is the first time you go to read an article about SEO in Google, or if you are still only taking your first steps in this sector -you already have your website but do not know where to start to position it, for example-, in This report will find resources that will allow you to start traveling your way to the web positioning in Google.

In this report we select some of the most interesting courses, training sessions and video lessons about SEO that you will find in the different learning tools available to Google. In them, there are courses specifically designed to understand how the company’s search engine works, as well as tips to make our website as consistent as possible with what Google is looking for when choosing which results to show before a specific query from a user. .

1. The Google SEO guide

Parts from scratch? In that case, you have to start by understanding what search engine optimization consists of: for this, this official Google guide is a good starting point. It is the starting point for anyone who wants to enter the world of SEO in Google, and it is a guide that you should keep safe to understand many of the concepts that you will find as you deepen your learning.

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2. Digital Marketing Course of Google Activate yourself

Google Activate is a free Google training platform that, if you did not know it until now, you should aim directly at your list. For the case that interests us, which is to learn SEO, of all the training available on this platform, the one that best fits is Online Digital Marketing Course.

It is a free 40-hour course -certified by IAB Spain-, and there is a day dedicated entirely to SEO, SEM and the use of Google Analytics. The schedule is from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18h, and from this link you can sign up to participate as soon as the next round starts.

If you pass all the exams, you will obtain a certificate of aptitude that will show that you have passed all the modules of this free Digital Marketing course.

3. Google E-Commerce Course Get Involved

The e-commerce is an important variant of the work in positioning in the search engines, since there are many online stores that want to improve their positioning in Google for organic searches. Therefore, if you want to specialize in this branch, it is highly recommended that you do the Online E-Commerce Course of Google Activate yourself.

This course lasts 40 hours, and consists of a total of eight modules including a module entirely dedicated to the Google search engine: it will talk about SEO, SEM, useful tools to position in Google and other issues related to the SEO of an e-commerce.

4. Get them found in the search engines

But in addition to Activate, Google has another free learning platform called Digital Garage. It has online lessons in the form of videos that are then complemented by a short test to review our knowledge. This chapter to achieve that they find you in the search engines is an excellent base to take your first steps in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

5. Understand web analytics

It is useless to fight to position yourself better in Google if you do not have the necessary knowledge to know your audience beforehand. Web analytics lets you know who visits you, how you do it and what you do once you arrive at your page, which is essential to know what steps to take when you want to optimize your visibility in organic results. This lesson from Google’s Digital Garage will take you into the exciting world of web analytics.

More courses you can do from home

In case these five online courses know little, then here is a list of SEO training links on Google that may interest you to expand your knowledge:

  • Basic concepts of digital marketing – 26 modules, 40 hours long. Consist of certification.
  • Promote a company online – Seven modules, three hours long.
  • Online web development course (I) – 40 hours duration. Includes certification (by the IEI of the University of Alicante).
  • Online web development course (II) – 40 hours. Includes certification (by the IEI of the University of Alicante).



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