7 Ideas to Decorate Rooms with Little Money


Decorating the room will allow you to create a cozy stay in which to spend family time. And it is that many times we focus on kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, leaving aside the decoration of the living room, this being a space that we use more than any other. If you are thinking of decorating the room and do not want to spend too much money, here are a few ideas to decorate rooms with little money. Surely they can come to you very well.

As for the decoration of rooms there is much to do. From more complex solutions such as changing floors, to decorating with vinyl, changing curtains, or decorating with plants.

Decoration of small rooms: straight lines

If we have to give advice for decorating small rooms it is to bet on simple furniture with straight lines, preferably clear. This furniture, in addition to being cheaper, will give you more play when it comes to personalizing the room. And they can be complemented with smaller decorative pieces regardless of the decorative style. And when it comes to small rooms they are an excellent alternative to consider.

Ideas to decorate rooms with little money with textiles

If you are wondering how to decorate the room, you should think about who is the protagonist of any living room … Right, the sofa! Are you tired of the print of your old sofa? You have no budget to buy a new sofa? Do not worry. Blankets or custom covers can be your salvation. Economical and with the advantage that, in addition to the infinite number of models, you can wash them at any given time. Who says blankets, also says colorful covers for the sofa; And in the end, the cushions can also be part of a different collage for the room as a whole. As you can see, there are many ways to decorate rooms with little money.

Natural fiber carpets for the room

We love decorating with carpets. If you want a different carpet, warm, fashionable and durable, do not hesitate, opt for carpets of natural fibers. These are easy to find, do not have an excessively high price and, in addition, their neutral tones allow you to risk a little more with the rest of textiles.

Prints to decorate rooms with little money

We would all like to have great works of art on our walls. However, if your budget is limited, why not opt ​​for simpler sheets? The typical plates with messages and different typefaces work very well. Also, if you live in a rented apartment, or simply do not want to pierce your walls, place a shelf and drop them. An alternative to this type of decoration is to use family photographs, for example, creating a beautiful album on a strategic wall.

Plants to decorate the room

Do not underestimate the power of indoor plants. Decorative styles such as exotic and tropical well know. A leafy plant in a corner of your living room, or even on that shelf that we mentioned before, can make a difference in this room. As in the rest of the cases, the price will not be a problem, since generally, decorating with plants is economical.

The importance of lighting in the room

You are probably wondering how to illuminate the room correctly. Lamps can be a great idea. Although in the lighting sector it is true that there are prices that can frighten you. But fortunately there are decoration or lighting stores where you can get economic models that fit into current styles.

Try copper, wrought iron or natural fiber lamps, such as wicker lamps, which have become fashionable again. Lighting is a very interesting topic, providing artificial light while decorating the home.

Change the floor of the room

Do not panic this changing the floor of the room does not have to be expensive or cumbersome. There are options in the market that will fit your needs, both in budget and aesthetics. Laminate floors, for example, or vinyl floors, are much cheaper, stronger and easier to place than other types of floors. A very important aspect of the installation of laminate flooring is that you will not need to remove the previous floor, something that will help you save time and money. In addition, there are endless designs and finishes, from those that mimic the warm woods to those that simulate very fashionable finishes such as typical hydraulic floors.

We hope that these ideas to decorate rooms with little money will suit you. We would love you to share this article on your social networks, maybe your friends and followers may be interested.


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