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This Is Google’s Preferred Programming Language


There are many programming languages on Android, but now we know which is the favorite of Google, and it is not precisely Java or C ++. Do you want to find out?

In the framework of Google I / O 2019, many announcements related to development were made and one of those that should not go unnoticed is about the Kotlin programming language, which is not exactly new given that it has been running since 2012, but of which has just been confirmed as Google’s favorite for Android applications.

Kotlin is a static typing programming language that works on the Java virtual machine but can also be compiled into JavaScript source code.

“Android development will be increasingly Kotlin. Many new Jetpack APIs and features will be offered first in Kotlin. If you are starting a new project, you should write it in Kotlin. Programming in Kotlin means much less code for the programmer, less code to write, test and maintain “, say those from Mountain View.

This programming language began to be popular two years ago during the Google I / O 2017 framework, where Google announced support for Kotlin for its application Android Studio IDE. That came perhaps with a bit of surprise, given that Java had been for a long time the preferred language for the development of Android applications.

Over the past two years, the popularity of Kotlin has increased and it is said that more than 50% of professional Android developers now use the language for their own applications, all according to Google. In any case, according to GitHub, Kotlin has been the programming language that has grown the most during 2018.

However, from Google they are very serious, since they are going to push so that all Android applications are first written under Kotlin.

“We understand that not everyone is in Kotlin at this time, but we believe that they should get there. There may be valid reasons for you to continue using C ++ and Java programming languages, and that is totally correct. These languages will not disappear, “says Chet Haase, one of the main advocates of Android.

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